SMS forwarding for virtual number: why it’s so useful?

Effective and fast method of sharing SMS messages is possible with using virtual phone number.

SMS virtual numbersWe often have difficulties when there is an urgent need to make a decision quickly and you have to read an incoming SMS message without delay. Sometimes it happens that your phone is switched off because of a low battery and, as a consequence, you have no access to operator's mobile network. Have you ever been in such a situation? From this article you could get info concerning the work of SMS forwarding process and its peculiarities.

When it’s necessary to create own well-fixed virtual telephony system, IP PBX is an excellent choice. Form it with such VoIP services as SIP-accounts, own IP-address, internal numbers, IVR voice menu, statistics of calls, free numbers as special offer and others possible services. Virtual SMS phone numbers have been created just for such situations. These numbers appeared on the telecommunications market not so long ago, but it became one of the most popular services among others and, as a result, many customers found a necessary solution for their office.

SMS forwarding process for virtual number

A virtual SMS telephone number gives an opportunity to accept SMS and send them to your e-mail or alternative phone. In this case texts can be read anywhere by means of any device which has access to the Internet. SMS forwarding is set up in such way that when you send texts to virtual SMS number, the system redirects them to e-mail, url or other number specified by a user.

Virtual SMS numbers

A virtual number to obtain SMS will always be available. It will never be busy so it means a user will never miss any VoIP message. Moreover, a memory card of a particular telephone is limited to certain capacity, while e-mail can contain almost unlimited amount of SMS texts. You do not have to think about that moment when you have to delete all messages. If you use a phone number for SMS, you get a guarantee that all the incoming texts will not disappear in case your phone is lost or broken, as it often happens to mobile phones. And it is much more convenient in receiving messages to e-mail, while you can read them from every device that has Internet.

SMS messages at a low price

Purchase of a virtual direct number for SMS is a very valuable investment for each company that plans to make different promotions, tournaments, quiz or SMS-voting. A number to obtain SMS can help you to inform your customers about different promotions and news in your company. Such kind of service will not only be an entertainment for a customer, but also each user will get an opportunity to send SMS from the Internet.

In our company text message rates are much lower than in other companies and mobile operators. All these peculiarities of a virtual number for SMS will enable all the customers to use a new approach to their partners and users. Besides getting SMS to your phone/email you may also:

  • send SMS from your profile;
  • send out messages to several subscribers simultaneously (bulk SMS);
  • receiving SMS to URL.

Virtual telephony for SMS is not restricted by its possibilities, as anyone including companies may get something useful in it. So, get the number now online within some time.

How to get the number for SMS forwarding in several seconds?

You may get this helpful for business and home service from Firstly, find out the prices for number here. Then all is necessary to do is only to:

  1. Register on our site and get access to personal profile;
  2. Top up balance for buying number;
  3. Order the number via personal profile.

Buy virtual telephone number for SMS forwarding 

During 24 hours your number will be ready for working. If you have some additional questions, you may apply to technical support of Freezvon, and 24-hours support will be glad to help you.