Offering Telephonic Support: Solutions for Online Stores

Take out all favorable goods and benefits using virtual VoIP services

favorable goods and benefits using virtual VoIP servicesAs an e-Commerce entrepreneur, you are probably often suffering from high maintenance costs of your technical services on the one hand, and a low trust level of the potential customers, in doubt on the existence of your product while being enable to physically check it. Setting an online store releases the owners from rental, electricity, phone line spendings, however, bringing a danger of lower loyalty and brand awareness among clients. Along with an e-commerce being a common practice worldwide, one will hardly entrust the significant sum of money to go to some online store with a questionable quality and no physical location.

Virtual PBX as most requested and popular facility is characterized by multiple facilities work. Connect any of them: welcoming message, SIP-accounts, internal numbers for free talks, records of calls, interactive menu for subscribers convenience and other options. It’s possible to see costs here .   

Sphere of VoIP numbers usage

Is it necessary to have number for clients to be able to get you anytime? Stationary number lines along with a toll-free 'hotline' numbers are popular for each commercial service. Sales managers and support representatives are always ready to pick up a telephone with a smile and reply for all the questions and requests you may have regarding their service. You feel secured, attended, well-treated and literally loved by the personnel of the company you are ready to bring your money to.

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Moreover, as human beings, we all love to double-check and chat when we are in the moment of making a valuable purchase decision or some random shopping. A sales attendant can actually talk us into buying, while friendly customer service representative on the phone will blow away all doubts about the quality, terms, and guarantee of the product in question. 

So, is it extremely obligatory for the serious business owners to set up the client attendance line for chatting and start receiving long telephone bills monthly? Not obligatory, but strongly advisable. Does it have to be a local or international telephone line available 24/7? Or, which is even better, a free-of-charge toll-free number, with a multichannel option of receiving several calls simultaneously. All these options are possible at quite affordable rates and a perfect quality with the help of virtual  telephony. With the use of virtual number of any chosen type, it is no longer needed to use the usual telephone line connection. All is done via internet, so as it is done when supporting your online store in the web. A good Inet will do to cover all your talking needs.

VoIP virtual number work and possibilities of usage

It's just a real number with a mobile operator or local code of your country of choice, which may be different from your state of residence. While providing services or marketing products abroad, you may set as many local numbers in the variety of countries worldwide as you like.

call forwarding service

Such number work with call forwarding service. SIP, Skype, fixed/cell numbers, Asterisk, IP telephones – the list of possible devices for calls receiving to DID number. Any of services may be set to such number too - all depend to your company wishes and standards.

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To organize the business level of telephony fast you may thanks to virtual IP telephony. Steps of getting virtual number :

  1. Registration and access to account;
  2. Billing of account (a lot of different payment methods);
  3. Number order.

About all the options and possibilities of the virtual phone number and the first steps to your business international coverage, you may consult here:

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