Purchase of Portugal DID virtual number

Become an owner of Portuguese virtual telephone number for keeping telephony is profitable choice.

Virtual number for calls in Portugal

Speaking about virtual telephony we are always think that this thing works only in big business and we will never face it. Anyway, that’s not true, because IP telephony gives us much more opportunity than we can imagine. Freezvon.com offers virtual number for Portugal that will step up your telecommunication life into new level.

We are providers of VoIP technologies including virtual numbers for over 90 countries, SIP service, virtual PBX station and some other constructive additional telephone services. Enjoy communication with us!

As the Western country in Europe, Portugal surprises us more and more. Its capital called Lisbon is considered to be the oldest one (it’s even older than Paris, London and Rome!). It’s interesting that the word Portugal was mentioned in 868 during the independence war for Pyrenees island against Moors. This state has its own music style known as fado characterized by emotional tension and songs are full of lost and frustration. Nevertheless, we’d like to make you sure that you won’t feel disappointed with its virtual numbers.

What is Portuguese VoIP virtual number, its work?

It has a code +351 and its work is in redirection of calls, fax and SMS to chosen before destination. This number doesn’t have physical attachments so easy in using being in office or in your house’s bedroom. You don’t need to buy SIM-cards and expensive wires. If you’re excited about making cheap calls abroad, just get SIP application with personal account and dial to foreigners without complex operations.

Get virtual phone number in Portugal

Superiority of DID virtual numbers for Portugal in usage

For knowing more about virtual numbers get personal experience, just learn more about our services below:

  • Cheapness of services and their connection;
  • Ordering process can be done online;
  • Easiness in utilization;
  • It’s accessible to order supplementary telephone services as call recording , call history and many others;
  • Various methods of paying;
  • Low rates.

Types of Portuguese virtual numbers for clients

Think and get what you really need to. It doesn’t matter what aims you have in telephony, we can solve it. Our numbers are intended for:

  1. Calls (readdressing of calls is done to Skype, SIP, IP telephone , other phone);
  2. SMS (redirection is for email, number or URL);
  3. Calls and SMS (operations with telephone services + separated redirections);
  4. Fax (only direction to email);
  5. Fax and calls (services + diversified redirections);
  6. Toll free 800 number ( free outgoing calls are accessible to subscribers);
  7. Multichannel number (varied lines for number less overloading by calls).

Ordering options for Portuguese virtual number

Freezvon.com has remarkably uncomplicated and manageable process of ordering. You may check it out on your own:

  1. Register yourself and get access to personal cabinet;
  2. Put some money to balance;
  3. Pitch upon “Portugal”;
  4. Type of number for using;
  5. Ordering this!

Instead of making mistakes, just avoid them asking about confusing points concerning virtual telephony our technical support. Write them to Skype, online live chat or email.

How to buy a virtual number in Portugal Buy virtual number for Portugal

Area codes and coverages for Portugal virtual numbers

These codes we can offer you according to your personal choice. You just need to determine an area below:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
National 30 15 20 + - -
Toll Free 800 10 15 + - +
Mobile xx 15 25 - + -