All rates for outgoing calls phone service

Extremely low prices for incoming and outgoing calls thanks to high internet connection. For free global telecommunications, simply use virtual telephony services from Freezvon Company. By the way, prices on cheap calls to any direction are maximally decreased. It’s connected with a fact, that it’s enough to have an Internet access and redirection to comfortable course.

Minimal prices on cheap calls via Internet are available due to forwarding. As destination course you may pick the following ones: mobile/fixed phone, SIP-application (Asterisk, Zoiper, Xlite, PortGo, Linphone). Service ordering will bring positive tendencies to a work of each company. Especially, it concerns those companies, which tend to enter an international market and attract a lot of foreign clients.

The cost of outgoing calls to major destinations! *

* You can find the cost of all destinations by writing us to online chat, email or call the number listed on the website.

DestinationPrefixCost USD$/min
Afghanistan areeba mobile93760.16130
Afghanistan at mobile93750.21800
Afghanistan awcc mobile93700.19700
Afghanistan etisalat mobile93780.17180
Afghanistan roshan mobile93720.17600
Albania amc fixed35521550.19595
Albania amc mobile355680.43325
Albania eagle mobile355670.42275
Albania plus mobile355660.48260
Albania tirana3554220.20120
Albania vodafone mobile355690.43325
Algeria mpta mobile21360.48995
Algeria orascom mobile213770.83015
Algeria wataniya mobile21350.57500
American samoa16840.17600
American samoa mobile168420.17600
Andorra mobile37630.24635
Angola movicel mobile244910.14450
Angola unitel mobile244920.19175
Anguilla digicel mobile12645810.23270
Anguilla mobile12642350.23165
Antigua barbuda12680.27050
Antigua barbuda mobile12687160.30410
Argentina buenos aires54110.06100
Argentina central542910.19910
Argentina mobile5490.19910
Armenia armentel mobile374430.24530
Armenia karabakh374470.17547
Armenia karabakh mobile374970.17547
Armenia orange mobile374410.24530
Armenia viva cell mobile374490.24530
Aruba digicel mobile297630.22745
Aruba mobile2976000.23060
Ascension island all country2471.94000
Australia metro cities618700.05735
Australia mobile6140.06785
Australia optus mobile614010.06785
Australia special services61130.07310
Australia telstra mobile614000.06785
Australia vodafone mobile614330.06785
Austria h3g mobile436600.26735
Austria mobile436780.26735
Austria mobilkom mobile436640.26735
Austria t mobile mobile4365500.26735
Azerbaijan bakcell mobile994550.27785
Azerbaijan catel mobile994400.28730
Azerbaijan mobile994500.27995
Afghanistan mobile etisalat93730.17180
Afghanistan salaam mobile93740.20330
Algeria mobile213660.48995
Algeria mobilis mobile213650.48995
Altai republic73880.08570
Altai region73850.08570
Amur region74160.10250
Andorra reserved mobile37650.24635
Andorra mobile37640.24635
Antigua & barbuda mobile12687830.30410
Antigua and barbuda mobile12687620.30410
Antigua and barbuda mobile12687200.30410
Argentina corridor542320.19910
Argentina salta proper5438740.19910
Arhangelsk region78180.08570
Armenia mob others37450.25422
Aruba mobile297960.22850
Astrakhan region78510.06300
Australia hutchison mobile614250.06785
Australia mobile vodafone hutchison6142020.07200
Austria mobile mobilkom a1436630.26735
Austria mobile three4369900.26735
Austria t mobile mobile436770.26735
Austria mobile others436510.26735
Bahamas mobile1242470.15815
Bahrain mena telecom wimax973770.13526
Bahrain mobile973310.15920
Bahrain mtc mobile973360.15804
Bahrain viva mobile973330.15237
Barbados digicel mobile1246260.20855
Barbados mobile1246230.21065
Belarus mobile3752550.35135
Belarus mts mobile375330.35135
Belgium base mobile324830.42485
Belgium lycatel mobile3246590.30515
Belgium mobile3246510.30515
Belgium mobistar mobile32490.30515
Belgium proximus mobile32470.30515
Belgium telenet mobile3246810.42485
Belize mobile50160.23280
Benin bell benin mobile229920.41382
Benin globacom mobile229680.32615
Benin libercom mobile229900.27365
Benin moov mobile229630.31250
Benin mtn mobile229610.27365
Bermuda mobile1441500.07310
Bhutan mobile975160.10250
Bolivia entel mobile591670.18965
Bolivia la paz591220.13400
Bolivia nuevatel mobile591600.18965
Bolivia telecel mobile591690.18965
Bosnia herzegovina3870.19070
Bosnia herzegovina bh mobile387610.39335
Bosnia herzegovina bh telecom3873520.19070
Bosnia herzegovina ht eronet (mostar) mobile387630.37025
Bosnia herzegovina mostar3873170.19175
Bosnia herzegovina srpske38749480.18650
Bosnia herzegovina srpske (mtel) mobile387650.39125
Botswana mascom mobile267710.24582
Botswana mobile26770.24582
Botswana orange mobile267720.26000
Brazil mobile551160.06785
Brazil sao paulo55110.05262
British virgin islands12840.14765
British virgin islands digicel mobile12843000.20960
British virgin islands mobile12845400.20960
Brunei mobile673810.06890
Bulgaria globul mobile359890.38075
Bulgaria mobile359870.37550
Bulgaria mobiltel mobile359880.38285
Burkina faso2260.38075
Burkina faso airtel mobile226550.38075
Burkina faso telecel mobile226680.28100
Burkina faso telmob mobile226510.35450
Burundi econet mobile257760.51725
Burundi lacell mobile257750.51725
Burundi onatel mobile257770.51725
Burundi telcel mobile257710.51725
Burundi viettel mobile257610.51725
Bahamas mobile12427380.15815
Bahrain mobile viva973340.15237
Bangladesh mobile88010.07625
Barbados lime mobile1246280.21065
Barbados mobile digicel1246530.20855
Barbados mobile1246450.23060
Belarus minsk3751720.36710
Belarus mob best375250.35135
Belarus mob mdc3752910.35135
Belgium mobile3246760.30515
Belgium universal access number327020.09042
Belgium mobile others3246300.41540
Belgorod region74720.07200
Benin mobile moov229600.31250
Benin mobile229910.27365
Bolivia cochabamba proper591440.13610
Bolivia santa cruz proper591330.13505
Bosnia and herzegovina bh telecom38730200.19070
Bosnia and herzegovina m:tel38751470.18650
Bosnia hercegovina bh telecom38730500.19070
Bosnia hercegovina ht mostar38733900.19175
Bosnia hercegovina telekom srpske38749200.18650
Bosnia hercegovina mobile bh telecom38760300.39335
Botswana mobile267730.18650
Botswana mobile orange2677790.26000
Brazil - mobile tim 554898400.06785
Brazil mobile tim554998400.06785
Brazil rio55210.05262
Brazil mobile5532840.06785
Brazil mobile tim55859850.06785
British virgin islands mobile128446890.20960
Brunei mobile673730.06890
Brunei mobile others6732280.06890
Bryansk region74830.08570
Burkina faso mobile airtel226560.38075
Burkina faso mobile telecel226580.28100
Burkina faso mobile airtel22620660.38075
Burundi mobile257310.51725
Burundi ucom mobile257720.51725
Burundi mobile257290.51725
Cambodia mobile855610.09200
Cambodia onnet viettel855710.10670
Cameroon cdma mobile2372430.14240
Cameroon mtn mobile237670.34400
Cameroon orange mobile237690.37865
Canada northwestel18670.15500
Cape verde2380.18125
Cape verde mobile238180.28100
Cape verde mobile tplus238330.28100
Cayman islands13450.09305
Cayman islands digicel mobile13453210.19175
Cayman islands mobile13459160.20750
Central african republic2360.31670
Central african republic mobile236770.46475
Central african republic moov mobile236700.43850
Central african republic orange mobile236720.31775
Central african republic telecel mobile236750.56975
Chad airtel mobile23560.52040
Chad millicom mobile23590.49625
Chad sotel mobile23570.62750
Chile mobile5690.06995
Colombia armenia5767370.06995
Colombia baranquilla575320.06365
Colombia bogota57120.06365
Colombia cali572310.06575
Colombia cartagena575640.07205
Colombia comcel mobile573100.05829
Colombia lex571850.07625
Colombia manizales576800.07205
Colombia medellin57400.06365
Colombia mobile5730.07730
Colombia movistar mobile573150.05829
Colombia pereira576310.06995
Colombia tigo mobile573000.05829
Comoros mobile26930.45320
Congo airtel mobile242050.51200
Congo azur mobile242010.54350
Congo mtn mobile242060.40700
Congo warid mobile242040.51200
Cook islands all country6820.91100
Costa rica5060.06995
Costa rica claro mobile50670.09410
Costa rica ip operator50640.06995
Costa rica mobile50680.09042
Costa rica telefonica mobile50660.12140
Country of sint maarten17210.15710
Croatia t mobile385970.37445
Croatia tele2 mobile385950.40490
Croatia vipnet mobile385910.37445
Cyprus cyta vodafone mobile357970.12560
Cyprus mobile357940.12560
Cyprus mtn mobile357960.12560
Cyprus olo357222220.11405
Czech republic4200.07310
Czech republic t mobile mobile420730.11825
Czech republic telefonica o2 mobile420720.12140
Czech republic vodafone mobile420770.11825
Cambodia mobile camgsm855120.09200
Cambodia mobile smart855100.09200
Cambodia mobile viettel855900.10670
Cambodia metfone85523460.11510
Cambodia mobile855800.09200
Cambodia mobile others855380.09200
Cambodia-mobile cashim855110.09200
Cameroon nexttel mobile237660.32930
Cape verde mobile238360.28100
Cape verde tplus mobile238430.28100
Cayman islands mobile digicel13454210.19175
Cayman islands - mobile digicel 1345320.19175
Chad mobile cdma2352220.62750
Chechen republic730220.08570
Chile santiago5620.05892
Chile mobile claro5696250.06995
Chile mobile entelpcs5698010.06995
Chile mobile movistar569580.06995
Chile-mobile bell south569530.06995
Chile-mobile entel pcs5697850.06995
Chile-mobile entel telefonica5699170.06995
Chile-mobile smartcom569860.06995
Chile-mobile telefonica569540.06995
Chuvash republic74270.10250
Colombia - fixed cali 572590.06575
Colombia cali572650.06575
Colombia lex5718350.07625
Colombia mobile573500.06050
Colombia mobile infracel (claro)573230.05829
Colombia armenia proper5767360.06995
Colombia cali572380.06575
Colombia local extendida proper571840.07625
Colombia manizales576890.07205
Colombia manizales proper5790560.07205
Comoros mobile26940.51725
Comoros mobility services2693910.40280
Comoros special services26980.40280
Cook islands mobile68250.91100
Costa rica mobile50650.09515
Cuba mobile5350.67370
Czech republic o2 mobile4207040.12140
Czech republic mobile mobilkom420790.11825
Dem rep of congo2430.30200
Dem rep of congo africell mobile243900.41750
Dem rep of congo airtel mobile243970.41750
Dem rep of congo orange mobile243840.41750
Dem rep of congo tigo mobile243800.41750
Dem rep of congo vodacom mobile243810.41750
Denmark h3g mobile455350.05976
Denmark lycatel mobile457130.05976
Denmark mobile45420.05976
Denmark tdc mobile45400.05976
Denmark telenor mobile45220.05861
Denmark telia mobile4560980.05976
Diego garcia all country2461.28375
Djibouti all country2530.32825
Dominica digicel mobile17673150.22535
Dominica mobile17672250.24320
Dominican republic18090.13400
Dominican republic mobile1809350.13400
Democratic republic of the congo mobile tatem243870.37550
Denmark mobile4520.05976
Denmark mobile tdc452310.05861
Denmark mobile telenor4552510.05861
Denmark mobile telia4552130.05861
Denmark mobile three4531300.05976
Denmark mundio mobile4542900.05976
Denmark tdc mobile4560990.05861
Denmark mobile4550630.05976
Denmark mobile h3g453110.05976
Denmark mobile tdc452010.05861
Denmark mobile telenor45500.05976
Djibouti mobile25370.31775
Dominica mobile digicel17674200.22535
Dominican republic fixed viva18292530.08255
Dominican republic mobile18099900.13400
Dominican republic mobile claro18096610.13400
Dominican republic mobile orange18096600.13400
Dominican republic mobile viva18099970.14765
Dominican republic orange mobile18098500.13400
Dominican republic other mobile18294910.13400
Dominican republic santo domingo proper18094220.08255
Dominican republic other mobile180924800.13400
Dominican republic-mobile tricom180951580.13400
East timor all country6700.28310
Ecuador alegro mobile5939960.23795
Ecuador etapa593723400.19070
Ecuador mobile59390.26525
Ecuador movistar mobile5939950.21275
Ecuador porta mobile5939390.22745
Egypt etisalat misr mobile20110.12875
Egypt mobinil mobile20120.16025
Egypt vodafone mobile20100.16445
El salvador5030.20015
El salvador cte5032220.11877
El salvador digicel mobile503730.14345
El salvador mobile503251510.28625
El salvador personal mobile5036300.14345
El salvador telefonica mobile503710.14345
El salvador telemovil mobile503720.14439
Equatorial guinea2400.42275
Equatorial guinea muni mobile240350.42275
Eritrea mobile29170.24005
Estonia elisa mobile372560.36290
Estonia emt mobile372500.36290
Estonia mobile37250.39965
Estonia tele 2 mobile372550.36290
East timor mobile67070.28310
Ecuador fixed etapa5937200.19070
Ecuador mobile movistar5939840.21275
Ecuador mobile porta5939900.22745
Egypt mobile20150.14765
El salvador mobile claro503707390.14345
El salvador mobile digicel503780200.14345
El salvador mobile movistar503707110.14345
El salvador movistar proper503225990.14345
El salvador personal proper503210400.14345
Equatorial guinea mobile getesa2402220.42275
Estonia - mobile tele2 37258990.36290
Estonia emt mobile37258540.36290
Estonia mobile emt37259130.38600
Estonia mobile elisa37258980.36290
Estonia mobile tele237282040.36290
Estonia mobility services372541100.36290
Estonia mobile3725790.38600
Ethiopia mobile25190.25107
Falkland islands all country5001.94000
Faroe islands2980.06627
Faroe islands mobile29850.07310
Fiji digicel mobile67970.27575
Fiji mobile67990.27575
Finland elisa mobile358500.35555
Finland mobile35840.35555
Finland nongeographic358710.35555
France bouygues mobile33660.10670
France free mobile336510.10670
France mobile3360.10670
France orange mobile33670.10670
France sfr mobile33610.10670
French guiana5940.05945
French guiana digicel mobile59469490.11300
French guiana mobile5946940.27575
French guiana orange mobile594694400.18230
French guiana outremer mobile594694000.12560
French polynesia6890.20750
French polynesia mobile689890.27050
Falkland islands mobile50051.96100
Faroe islands mobile298210.07310
Fiji mobile679500.27575
France mobile3375740.10670
France mobile bouygues337600.10670
France mobile free mobile337660.10670
France mobile orange3364900.10670
France mobile sfr3360260.10670
France sfr mobile33754310.10670
France mobile sfr33750500.10670
France mobile sfr33755500.10670
French guiana mobile orange59469420.18230
French guiana mobile outremer594694170.12560
Gabon airtel mobile24140.41645
Gabon azur mobile24130.69050
Gabon libertis mobile24120.39125
Gabon moov mobile24150.39125
Gambia mobile22020.30200
Georgia geocell mobile9955140.28625
Georgia magticom mobile9955510.28625
Georgia mobile9955680.28625
Georgia silknet mobile9955700.32300
Georgia tbilisi995320.18230
Germany 02 mobile491590.07500
Germany e plus mobile491570.07500
Germany lycatel mobile4915210.07500
Germany mobile4915700.07500
Germany t mobile mobile491510.07500
Germany vodafone mobile491520.07500
Ghana airtel mobile233260.26997
Ghana expresso mobile233280.28100
Ghana globacom mobile233230.32090
Ghana mtn mobile233240.26420
Ghana tigo mobile233270.26577
Ghana vodafone mobile233200.25790
Gibraltar mobile35050.17495
Greece cosmote mobile306970.11615
Greece vodafone mobile306940.11615
Greece wind mobile306900.11615
Greenland all country2990.10145
Grenada digicel mobile14734140.22535
Grenada mobile14734030.22850
Guadeloupe digicel mobile590690060.13085
Guadeloupe mobile590691220.13085
Guadeloupe orange mobile590690260.20750
Guam all country16710.06417
Guatemala comcel mobile502310.17810
Guatemala mobile50240.16970
Guatemala movistar mobile502430.17075
Guatemala sercom mobile502420.14870
Guatemala telgua5022360.11195
Guinea bissau2450.52250
Guinea cellcom mobile224650.54455
Guinea gamma224550.41750
Guinea mai mobile224790.47000
Guinea mobile224600.48050
Guinea orange mobile224620.41120
Guyana digicel mobile592660.13715
Guyana mobile592610.24792
Gambia mobile22080.30200
Georgia south ossetia79980.13295
Georgia fixed magticom9957900.18230
Germany mobile others49150.07500
Ghana mobile others233290.29570
Greece mobile30690.11615
Greenland mobile29920.10145
Grenada mobile digicel14734240.22535
Grenada special services1473500.27575
Guadeloupe mobile outremer59069090.13085
Guadeloupe mobile5906910.13085
Guadeloupe mobile outremer590690780.13085
Guatemala - mobile telefonica 5023400.17075
Guatemala comcel mobile502300.17810
Guatemala mobile claro50255310.14870
Guatemala mobile movistar50244700.17075
Guatemala mobile tigo5023200.17810
Guatemala comcel mobile5023220.17810
Guatemala mobile movistar5025220.17075
Guatemala mobile telgua502410.14870
Guinea - mobile type_a 2247220.41750
Guinea mobility services224780.41750
Guinea bissau - special services 24542000.44900
Guinea mobile224630.42485
Guinea-bissau mobile245970.51725
Guinea-bissau mobile mtn245960.50675
Guinea-bissau mobile orange245950.65375
Guinea-bissau special services245490.44900
Guyana mobile592630.24792
Guyana mobile digicel5926080.24792
Haiti (comcel) mobile509290.28415
Haiti digicel mobile509310.27365
Haiti mobile509320.19280
Haiti port au prince509220.31355
Honduras claro mobile504320.16235
Honduras hondutel mobile50472140.15605
Honduras on net fixed50422010.15605
Hong kong8520.14000
Hong kong mobile85260.14000
Hungary pannon mobile36200.10145
Hungary t mobile mobile36300.09987
Hungary tesco mobile36310.11562
Hungary vodafone mobile36700.11562
Haiti mobile509400.19280
Honduras mobile50430.16550
Honduras mobile others50480.16235
Hong kong mobile85290.14000
Iceland mobile35430.06627
India bsnl mobile9173760.05525
India mobile91700.05525
Indonesia excelcomindo mobile628310.08360
Indonesia indosat mobile628140.08360
Indonesia jakarta62210.07100
Indonesia mobile6280.08360
Indonesia surabaya62310.07100
Indonesia telkomsel mobile628110.08360
Iran mobile9890.21000
Iran mtn mobile989010.19000
Iran tehran98210.18000
Iraq asiacell mobile964770.23060
Iraq baghdad96410.16865
Iraq itpc96420.16865
Iraq korektel mobile964750.21275
Iraq sulaimaniya964530.13715
Iraq zain mobile964780.21800
Ireland 02 mobile353860.06186
Ireland h3g mobile353830.06186
Ireland meteor mobile353850.06186
Ireland mobile353890.06249
Ireland vodafone mobile353870.06186
Iridium 788173.72500
Israel mobile97215150.08000
Israel palestine972220.21000
Israel palestine mobile972590.22000
Italy h3g mobile393730.28540
Italy ita mobile3937100.28540
Italy mobile3930.28540
Italy tim mobile393300.28540
Italy vodafone mobile39340.23500
Italy wind mobile393800.28540
Ivory coast2250.33875
Ivory coast aircomm mobile225690.42275
Ivory coast comium mobile225650.35345
Ivory coast moov mobile225010.33875
Ivory coast mtn fixed2252000.38442
Ivory coast mtn mobile225040.35345
Ivory coast orange mobile225070.41960
Iceland mobile3543880.06627
Iceland mobile other354760.06627
Iceland mobile siminn354830.06627
Iceland mobile vodafone354620.06627
Iceland mobile3546300.06627
Iceland mobile siminn 3546320.06627
Iceland simmin mobile3546370.06627
India - mobile bharti 9171910.05525
India mobile917890.05525
India mobile airtel9182900.05525
India mobile bsnl91830400.05525
India mobile idea91770700.05525
India mobile tata9182930.05525
India mobile vodafone jammu and kashmir9182970.05525
India others mobile9180770.05525
India ahmedabad917900.05525
India mobile9190.05525
India mobile tata9172650.05525
India others mobile918010.05525
Indonesia mobile three628950.08727
Iran mobile989900.20000
Iran mobile mci98910.20000
Iraq mobile96470.16865
Ireland vodafone pager353820.06186
Ireland dublin proper35310.05483
Ireland mobile others35380.08622
Irkutsk region73950.10250
Israel mobile972500.08000
Italy mobile fastweb3937560.28540
Italy mobile397400.28540
Italy mobile intermatika393190.28540
Italy mobile rfi393130.28540
Italy mobile wind393200.28540
Ivanovo region74930.07100
Ivory coast mobile mtn225640.35345
Ivory coast mobile moov225500.33875
Ivory coast mobile orange225880.41960
Ivory coast mobile oricel225600.37025
Ivory coast mobile comium 225680.41960
Jamaica digicel mobile1876240.23637
Jamaica mobile1876320.25055
Japan ip phone81500.08400
Japan mobile81700.08400
Jordan fastlink mobile962790.19175
Jordan mobilecom mobile962770.19175
Jordan umniah mobile962780.19175
Jamaica digicel mobile1876410.23637
Jamaica lime mobile18765100.25055
Jamaica mobile18765500.23637
Jewish autonomous region74260.08570
Jordan mobile others96270.19910
Kazakhstan almaty772720.08520
Kazakhstan astana771720.08520
Kazakhstan k cell mobile77010.20000
Kazakhstan karaganda772120.08520
Kazakhstan kartel mobile77050.18100
Kazakhstan mobile77000.24250
Kenya airtel mobile254730.24320
Kenya orange mobile254770.20645
Kenya safaricom mobile254700.15804
Kiribati all country6861.52000
Kuwait mobile96560.07940
Kuwait zain mobile96590.08255
Kyrgyzstan bimokom mobile996550.20225
Kyrgyzstan bishkek9963120.13715
Kyrgyzstan mobile996312580.20435
Kyrgyzstan nurtelecom mobile996700.21065
Kyrgyzstan sky mobile996770.20435
Kabardino balkaria republic78660.08570
Kaliningrad region74010.08570
Kaluga region74840.07100
Kamchatka krai74150.10250
Karachay cherkess republic78780.06900
Kemerovo region73840.08570
Kenya mobile safaricom2547400.15804
Kenya mobile25470.28362
Khabarovsk region73460.10250
Kiribati mobile68691.52000
Kirov region78330.08570
Komi republic78210.08570
Kosovo ipko3833870.22010
Kostroma region74940.08570
Krasnodar region78610.06500
Krasnoyarsk region73910.10250
Kurgan region73520.08570
Kursk region74710.08570
Kyrgyzstan mobile9965020.21065
Laos all country8560.12035
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Latvia tele2 mobile3712000.35660
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Liberia cellcom mobile23170.38600
Liberia comium mobile23150.50150
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Libya mobile218910.26000
Liechtenstein mobile42370.11258
Lithuania bite mobile370630.35345
Lithuania mobile37060.35345
Lithuania omnitel mobile370610.35345
Lithuania tele2 mobile370600.35345
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Luxembourg vox mobile3526610.22010
Laos mobile856200.12035
Latvia alternative proper37162400.27606
Latvia fixed olo371662400.27606
Latvia mobile37127940.37193
Latvia mobile tele237122670.35660
Latvia mobility services37127960.37193
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Latvia olo137166000.27606
Latvia olo237166260.27606
Latvia mobile bite latvia37124990.37193
Latvia mobile lmt37127900.37193
Latvia services eco networks37127910.37193
Lebanon mobile9618110.18965
Lebanon mobile alfa961310.18965
Lebanon mobile touch961300.18965
Lebanon-mobile libancel9617160.18965
Leningrad region78130.08570
Liberia special services23133250.41750
Liberia mobile libercell23140.44375
Liechtenstein mobile mobilkom tele2423790.11258
Liechtenstein mobile orange423780.11258
Liechtenstein mobile swisscom423770.11258
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Lithuania mobile telia lietuva ab37069700.35345
Lithuania mobility services370697450.35345
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Lithuania omnitel mobile37069750.35345
Luxembourg mobile post luxembourg3526510.22010
Luxembourg mobile others35260210.22010
Macau mobile85360.11825
Macedonia cosmofone mobile389730.37025
Macedonia tmobile mobile389700.37025
Macedonia vip mobile389770.37025
Madagascar airtel mobile261330.52985
Madagascar blueline261390.55295
Madagascar orange mobile261320.63800
Madagascar telma mobile261340.52775
Malawi airtel mobile265990.40700
Malawi tnm mobile265880.42275
Malaysia celcom mobile60130.06050
Malaysia digi mobile60160.06050
Malaysia maxis mobile60120.06050
Malaysia mobile6010.06050
Maldives dhiraagu mobile96070.74300
Maldives wataniya mobile96090.75350
Mali malitel mobile22360.37550
Mali orange2234420.21275
Mali orange mobile22370.37550
Malta mobile35670.40700
Mariana islands all country16700.08570
Marshall islands all country6920.28625
Martinique digicel mobile59669670.27575
Martinique mobile5966960.27575
Martinique orange mobile59669620.27575
Mauritania chinguitel mobile222200.50150
Mauritania mattel mobile222300.59600
Mauritius island2300.13347
Mayotte mobile262639000.65375
Mexico equal access522220.05052
Mexico guadalajara52330.05052
Mexico mexico city52550.05052
Mexico mobile5210.05367
Mexico monterrey52810.05052
Micronesia all country6910.51725
Moldova moldcell mobile373760.28100
Moldova moldtelecom mobile3736710.28415
Moldova orange mobile373600.24740
Moldova transnistria373210.22220
Moldova transnistria mobile373770.25475
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Monaco mobile kosovo guinea37740.43010
Mongolia mobile97680.06102
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Morocco meditel mobile2126120.45845
Morocco mobile2126100.45845
Morocco wana limited mobility2125260.29150
Morocco wana mobile21260.50045
Mozambique mcel mobile258820.14450
Mozambique movitel mobile258860.28310
Mozambique vodacom mobile258840.28415
Myanmar (burma) all country950.17075
Myanmar (burma) mpt mobile9590.18500
Myanmar (burma) oreedoo mobile959960.20015
Myanmar (burma) telenor mobile959770.20015
Magadan region74130.10250
Malawi mobile265310.42275
Malaysia mobile60180.06050
Malaysia mobile celcom6015920.06050
Malaysia mobile digi6015910.06050
Mali mobile223400.39650
Mali orange22320010.21275
Malta mobile356790.40700
Malta mobile vodafone356920.40700
Mari el republic78360.08570
Marshall islands mobile6924550.28625
Martinique mobile outremer59669600.27575
Martinique mobile5966970.27575
Mauritania fixed chinguitel222250.50150
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Mexico mobile yusacell52173313900.05556
Mexico movistar mobile521551580.05577
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Moldova mob moldtelecom37367700.28415
Moldova mob orange3736100.24740
Monaco mobile37730.31565
Monaco mobile kfor kosovo377440.50465
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Mongolia mobile976850.06102
Montserrat mobile16643490.29570
Morocco mobile2127660.45845
Morocco mobile inwi212600.45845
Morocco mobile itissalat2127610.45845
Morocco mobile orange maroc2127700.45845
Morocco mobile wana2126260.45845
Moscow region74960.07100
Murmansk region78150.08570
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Myanmar mobile telenor959760.20015
Namibia leo mobile264850.20750
Namibia mtc mobile264810.08150
Nauru all country6741.20500
Nepal ncell mobile9779800.21065
Nepal nt mobile9779740.17495
Nepal smart mobile9779610.12875
Nepal utl onnet977120.12350
Netherlands antilles5990.16550
Netherlands antilles digicel mobile599700.15605
Netherlands antilles mobile59931810.17075
Netherlands antilles st marteens59950.16550
Netherlands antilles st marteens ecc mobile599550.22430
Netherlands kpn mobile316100.33560
Netherlands lycatel mobile316840.33560
Netherlands mobile3160.34400
Netherlands t mobile mobile316140.33560
Netherlands tele2 mobile316360.33560
Netherlands telfort mobile316160.33560
Netherlands vodafone mobile316110.33560
New caledonia all country6870.22850
New zealand640.05850
Nicaragua mobile505570.26000
Nicaragua telefonica mobile505760.26525
Niger airtel mobile227880.29727
Niger orange mobile227800.28625
Niger sahelcom mobile227930.28730
Nigeria airtel mobile2347010.13400
Nigeria etisalat mobile2348090.13610
Nigeria globacom mobile2347050.13400
Nigeria mobile234800.12875
Nigeria mobile mtn2347030.13400
Nigeria visafone2347040.13400
Niue island all country6831.41500
North korea8500.42800
Norway mobile4740.05924
Norway netcom mobile474020.05924
Norway special services47020.21222
Norway tele2 mobile474120.05924
Norway telenor mobile474140.05924
Naberezhnye chelny785520.07100
Namibia mobile264600.20750
Nepal mobile977980.17705
Netherlands antilles mobile5999530.17075
Netherlands antilles mobile digicel5999650.15605
Netherlands mobile vodafone3163570.33560
Netherlands mobile ibasis31970160.33560
Netherlands antilles mobile59970.17915
Netherlands mobile kpn31970110.33560
Netherlands mobile tele23197080.33560
Netherlands mobile vodafone316800.33560
New caledonia mobile68770.29150
New zealand mobile6420.08150
Nicaragua - mobile others 50555030.26000
Nicaragua mobile5056200.26525
Nicaragua claro mobile5058200.26000
Nicaragua mobile50550.29570
Nicaragua mobility services 50588900.33560
Niger mobile moov227840.28625
Niger mobile moov227940.28625
Nigeria mobile23481900.12875
Nigeria mobile airtel2349070.13400
Nigeria mobile mtn2349060.13400
Nigeria mobile others234700.12875
Nizhny novgorod region78310.06900
Norfolk islands67231.31000
Norway mobile netcom479780.05924
Norway mobile netcom4748510.05924
Norway mobile network4740690.05924
Norway mobile telenor4747910.05924
Norway special services478140.21222
Norway mobile lycatel4740940.05924
Norway mobile netcom4747200.05924
Norway mobile telenor4741100.05924
Norway special numbers4718810.21222
Novgorod region78160.08570
Novosibirsk region73830.08570
Oman mobile96870.24950
Oman ooredoo mobile968790.24950
Oman mobile968900.24950
Oman mobile ooredoo968970.24950
Oman mobile omantel968710.24950
Omsk region73810.08570
Orenburg region73530.07000
Oryol region74860.08570
Pakistan mobile92350.08990
Pakistan mobilink mobile92300.08780
Pakistan telenor mobile92340.08307
Pakistan ufone mobile92330.08780
Pakistan warid mobile92320.08780
Pakistan zong mobile92310.07940
Palau pmc mobile6806200.27050
Palestine mobile970590.19595
Panama cable wireless mobile507670.15605
Panama digicel mobile507600.15605
Panama mobile50760.15605
Panama telefonica mobile507640.15605
Papua new guinea all country6750.42800
Paraguay asuncion595210.07520
Paraguay claro mobile595990.11510
Paraguay mobile59590.12665
Paraguay personal mobile595970.11510
Paraguay tigo mobile595980.11090
Paraguay vox mobile595960.12665
Peru claro mobile519860.05400
Peru mobile5190.05840
Peru movistar mobile5197480.05400
Peru rural51180.30882
Philippines globe mobile639050.14870
Philippines mobile6390.16550
Philippines smart mobile63980.16550
Philippines sun cellular mobile639220.16550
Poland centernet mobile4869070.17075
Poland mobile4888440.17075
Poland orange mobile48500.14135
Poland p4 mobile48699220.17075
Poland plus gsm mobile486010.14135
Poland t mobile mobile4878070.14135
Portugal meo mobile351960.48417
Portugal optimus mobile35190.48417
Portugal vodafone mobile35192000.48417
Puerto rico all country17870.05441
Pakistan mobile9230.09200
Palau mobile6807750.27050
Panama claro mobile5076200.15605
Panama digicel mobile5076100.15605
Panama mobile50750.07100
Panama mobile claro5076270.15605
Panama panama city and colon proper50720.07100
Papua new guinea mobile digicel675700.84485
Penza region78410.08570
Perm region73420.08570
Peru mobile claro5196550.05400
Peru mobile telefonica519200.05400
Peru movistar mobile51963900.05400
Peru nextel mobile51978200.05400
Peru lima proper5110.05189
Peru mobile claro5195010.05400
Peru mobile nextel5195500.05400
Peru nextel mobile5194600.05400
Petropavlovsk kamchatsky741520.08570
Philippines globe mobile638170.14870
Philippines mobile globe639650.14870
Philippines mobile digitel639310.16550
Poland - fixed poltel warsaw 4822870.05997
Poland - fixed poltel zone 1 481847800.05997
Poland - fixed poltel zone 2 48913110.05997
Poland - fixed poltel zone 3 48323230.05997
Poland - fixed poltel zone 4 48683520.05997
Poland - fixed poltel zone 5 487488220.05997
Poland - fixed poltel zone 6 48895440.05997
Poland - fixed poltel zone 7 48448050.05997
Poland fixed netia488337940.05997
Poland fixed olo487675120.05997
Poland fixed olo 2485667780.05997
Poland fixed t-mobile488188410.05997
Poland fixed t-mobile (gts)48672690.05997
Poland mobile4872710.17075
Poland mobile p4 play48579400.14135
Poland mobile play (p4)4857960.14135
Poland mobile plus48579500.14135
Poland play mobile485780.14135
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Poland fixed orange polska s.a. zone 248683510.05997
Poland fixed orange polska s.a. zone 348748690.05997
Poland fixed orange polska s.a. zone 4 48672810.05997
Poland fixed orange polska s.a. zone 5 487489370.05997
Poland fixed orange polska s.a. zone 6 48878020.05997
Poland fixed orange polska s.a. zone7 48468010.05997
Poland fixed orange zone 1 48124500.05997
Poland fixed orange zone 2 48683590.05997
Poland fixed orange zone 3 48748850.05997
Poland fixed orange zone 4 48683600.05997
Poland fixed orange zone 5 48763080.05997
Poland mobile centernet4872000.17075
Poland mobile orange485730.14135
Poland mobile p4484500.14135
Poland mobile polkomtel4857970.14135
Poland mobile t-mobile4878030.16865
Poland orange polska s.a. warsaw 4822890.05997
Poland orange warsaw 4822850.05997
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Portugal mobile meo35192400.48417
Portugal mobile nos comunicacoes sa3516692300.13190
Portugal mobile vodafone3516092000.48417
Portugal meo mobile3519220.48417
Portugal mobile meo35118920.48417
Portugal mobile nos351930.48417
Primorsky krai74230.10250
Pskov region78110.08570
Qatar mobile97430.19175
Qatar vodafone mobile97470.19175
Qatar mobile974330.19175
Qatar mobile97420.19175
Reunion island mobile2626920.50150
Reunion island orange mobile26269220.50150
Romania bucharest40210.05280
Romania cosmote mobile40760.06090
Romania mobile4070.06600
Romania orange mobile40740.06090
Romania telemobil mobile407800.06090
Romania vodafone mobile40720.06090
Rwanda airtel mobile250730.28730
Rwanda mtn mobile250780.28730
Rwanda rwandatel mobile250750.29990
Rwanda tigo mobile250720.28730
Republic of adygea78770.08570
Republic of bashkortostan73470.07700
Republic of crimea73650.10250
Republic of kalmykia78470.08570
Republic of macedonia mobile mobimak t mobile389790.37025
Republic of north ossetia78670.06600
Republic of tatarstan78550.07100
Reunion mobile srr26269210.50150
Reunion mobile orange262692000.50150
Romania astral4030.05280
Romania mobile enigma4070000.06710
Romania mobile telekom407110.06090
Romania mobile digi40770.06090
Rostov region78630.06600
Russia fixed 1734920.08570
Russia mobile beeline79027100.20000
Russia mobile febo telecom7902110.20000
Russia mobile mts7902080.20000
Russia mobile megafon799640.20000
Russia national call78000.05810
Russia mob. beeline7960.20000
Russia mob. mts7910.20000
Russia mob. megafon7920.20000
Russia mobile790.20000
Russia mobile mts79970.20000
Russia mobile rostelecom7999880.20000
Ryazan oblast74910.07100
San marino3780.42485
San marino mobile378660.42485
Sao tome principe2391.04750
Saudi arabia9660.11930
Saudi arabia lebara mobile9665760.16340
Saudi arabia mobile96650.15920
Saudi arabia mobily mobile966540.16025
Saudi arabia virgin mobile9665700.16550
Saudi arabia zain (ksa) mobile966580.16025
Senegal csu mobile221720.36500
Senegal expresso fixed221300.39125
Senegal expresso mobile221700.38180
Senegal orange mobile221770.28625
Senegal tigo221760.38075
Serbia ipko fixnet3813870.19175
Serbia mts mobile381640.39755
Serbia telenor mobile381620.39755
Serbia vip mobile381600.39755
Sierra leone2320.42275
Sierra leone mobile232300.43850
Singapore mobile6580.06200
Slovakia orange mobile4219050.08675
Slovakia swan mobile4219500.08675
Slovakia t mobile mobile4219010.08675
Slovakia telefonica o2 mobile4219400.08675
Slovenia ipko mobile386430.50150
Slovenia mobile386310.41645
Slovenia olo3865900.22430
Solomon islands all country6770.72200
Somalia golis252420.32825
Somalia hormuud mobile252150.27050
Somalia nation link252170.42380
Somalia soltelco25280.44900
Somalia somafone252600.47000
Somalia stg252550.32825
Somalia telcom252620.22850
Somalia telesom252240.36237
South africa270.21100
South africa cellc mobile27740.24530
South africa mtn mobile27730.21275
South africa olo278160.24950
South africa telkom mobile278110.24530
South africa vodacom mobile27104930.21275
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South korea mobile82010.06840
South sudan2110.43745
South sudan gemtel mobile211970.42695
South sudan mtn mobile211920.44375
South sudan vivacell mobile211950.42695
South sudan zain mobile211910.44375
Spain mobile3460.14555
Spain movistar mobile346310.14555
Spain orange mobile346050.14555
Spain vodafone mobile3468890.14555
Spain yoigo mobile346220.14555
Sri lanka940.18492
Sri lanka airtel mobile94750.17600
Sri lanka dbn dialog941170.18492
Sri lanka dialog mobile94770.18020
Sri lanka etisalat mobile94720.17810
Sri lanka hutch mobile94780.17600
Sri lanka lanka bell941150.18492
Sri lanka mobitel mobile94710.17390
Sri lanka slt941120.18125
Sri lanka suntel941140.18492
St helena2901.99250
St kitts nevis18690.23690
St kitts nevis digicel mobile18697600.23900
St kitts nevis mobile18695560.24950
St lucia17580.19700
St lucia digicel mobile1758720.23060
St lucia mobile17582840.23060
St pierre miquelon5080.48050
St pierre miquelon mobile508400.48050
St vincent grenadines17840.17915
St vincent grenadines digicel mobile17844300.21485
St vincent grenadines mobile17844540.21485
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Sudan sudatel mobile249110.15342
Sudan zain mobile249900.18020
Suriname digicel mobile597710.27785
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Suriname mobile597680.27785
Swaziland mobile268770.24950
Sweden comviq mobile462520.34610
Sweden h3g mobile466750.34610
Sweden mobile466760.34610
Sweden shared cost services46770.05630
Sweden telenor mobile466740.34610
Sweden telia mobile463760.34610
Switzerland lycatel mobile417790.39755
Switzerland mobile41740.44795
Switzerland salt mobile41780.74720
Switzerland special41580.06785
Switzerland sunrise mobile417720.45845
Switzerland swisscom mobile417540.39860
Switzerland upc cablecom mobile4178400.46370
Syria mobile96390.31250
Saint kitts and nevis mobile18695650.24950
Saint lucia mobile17584810.23060
Sakhalin oblast74240.10250
Samara region78460.08570
Sao tome and principe mobile239981.04750
Saratov region78450.06900
Saudi arabia mobile966510.16340
Saudi arabia mobile stc966500.16025
Serbia mobile topnet3816770.39755
Serbia p&t kosovo3812820.19175
Seychelles mobile248250.68000
Seychelles mobile airtel248270.61070
Slovakia mobile4219510.08675
Slovenia alternative a38698040.22430
Slovenia alternative a proper386120090.22430
Slovenia fixed olo3386123500.22430
Slovenia fixed type_a38659230.22430
Slovenia fixed type_b386282810.22430
Slovenia mobile si mobil3866960.41645
Slovenia mobile telekom slovenije38665600.41645
Slovenia mobile386710.41645
Slovenia mobile t238664060.41645
Smolensk region78620.06200
Solomon islands mobile67781.83500
Somalia fixed golis252450.32825
Somalia fixed telcom252130.42800
Somalia mobile somtel252790.22850
Somalia special services252700.44375
Somalia hormud mobile252390.27050
Somalia telcom252230.22850
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Spain mobile orange espagne3464090.14555
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Spain mobile yoigo345906220.14555
Spain mobile telefonica3464300.14555
Spain mobile vodafone3468460.23800
Spain mobile movistar346420.14555
Spain orange mobile3464000.14555
Spain telefonica mobile3464330.14555
Sri lanka mobile dialog947630.18020
Sri lanka slt proper946020.18125
St petersburg78120.05900
St vincent grenadines mobile digicel17845340.21485
St lucia mobile17584830.23060
Stavropol region734620.06300
Sudan mobile249150.13400
Suriname mobile597730.27785
Sverdlovsk region73430.06900
Swaziland mobile268790.24950
Sweden - mobile others 4672760.34610
Sweden comviq mobile46731200.34610
Sweden mobile tele24672250.34610
Sweden mobile telenor46726440.34610
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Sweden mobile three4676300.34610
Sweden comviq mobile4676550.34610
Sweden mobile467346020.34610
Sweden telenor mobile4673480.34610
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Switzerland mobile sunrise417600.45845
Switzerland mobile swisscom417900.39860
Switzerland others mobile41790.44795
Switzerland sunrise mobile41860760.45845
Switzerland mobile swisscom4177010.39860
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Tajikistan babylon mobile992980.18440
Tajikistan mobile99290.20540
Tajikistan takom mobile9929110.19070
Tajikistan tcell mobile992500.19175
Tajikistan tk mobile992950.48050
Tajikistan tt mobile992410.18335
Tanzania airtel mobile255680.31250
Tanzania mobile255620.31565
Tanzania tigo mobile255650.31250
Tanzania vodacom mobile255750.31250
Tanzania zantel fixed2552250.31565
Tanzania zantel mobile255770.32090
Thailand mobile6680.09600
Thuraya all country882161.42025
Togo cellulaire mobile228900.24635
Togo moov mobile228960.35135
Tokelau all country6901.57250
Tonga all country6760.89000
Trinidad tobago18680.14450
Trinidad tobago digicel mobile1868270.19175
Trinidad tobago mobile1868460.18545
Tunisia orange mobile21650.74090
Tunisia orascom mobile21620.71675
Tunisia tuntel mobile21690.74615
Turkey avea mobile90500.19227
Turkey cities903220.07257
Turkey north cyprus903920.07625
Turkey north cyprus turkcell mobile90533820.21065
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Turkey turkcell mobile90530.18755
Turkey vodafone mobile90540.19385
Turkmenistan mobile99360.16550
Turks caicos16490.22325
Turks caicos digicel mobile16493310.25475
Turks caicos mobile16494310.25475
Tuvalu all country6881.31000
Tajikistan dushanbe9923720.48050
Tajikistan mob somoncom9925050.19175
Tambov region74820.08570
Tanzania mobile others255740.31250
The republic of buryatia73010.10250
The republic of dagestan78720.08570
The republic of ingushetia78730.08570
The republic of karelia78140.08570
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The republic of mordovia78340.08570
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