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All prices for additional services from Freezvon

You are tired of high payments for mobile connection when you need to call internationally? There is a solution to buy virtual mobile number. For usage of this kind of number, you don’t have to buy additional SIM-cards or talk in roaming. All you need is setup of app to your PC or any other device and begin to use a number with largest quantity of call on low rates.

Freezvon also offers big variety of virtual phone services based on VoIP technology simplifying any kind of working sphere and virtual phone numbers in more than 120 foreign countries. All these services are helpful addition to virtual number. Try it on your own experience after ordering a needed number and any of services.

We offer such additional VoIP services and rates for them:



Virtual telephone numbersVirtual telephone numbers

For receiving calls from countries all over the world (direct landline or mobile numbers, fax)

Prices are here

Call forwarding

Call forwarding

An ability to readdress calls to every possible directions (Skype, SIP, another mobile or landline numbers)

Simple plan - free
Complete plan – $10

Forwarding and routing for calls

Forwarding and routing for calls – call distribution

Change forwarding when you want to do that according to favorable conditions

Simple plan - free
Complete plan – $10

Greeting message

Greeting (welcome message)

Salutation is a presentation of recorded audio when somebody calls

Made-up audio recording – free
Our audio recording (you send text for it) – from $20 - It depends on number of words

IVR menu

IVR menu (voice menu)

Voice menu is consequently recorded audio that can be heard after dialing the number

The first level – $20,
Every next one +$5

background music

Installation of background music

Set hold music instead of telephone tones during awaiting of connection.


Record calls

Record of calls

Possibility to record all calls for next monitoring.

$10 per month

Blacklist and whitelist

Blacklist and whitelist

Lists for categorization of callers into favorable or non-favorable.

To 50 numbers - $10
From 50 numbers – $20


Call history

Call history

Detailed info about quantity of calls: date of call, duration, price and number of subscriber.


Conference call

Conference call

One of services for PBX with possibility to communicate with numerous subscribers


Click to call (call from website)

Click to call (call from website)

Creating of button on your website for connection with office




It permits to order the connection for receiving incoming calls for your subscriber




It permits to leave messages about missed calls

Setting of your own audio is free.

Our audio setting:

1. Standard audio setting is free

2. Costs from 20$ depending on words quantity

 cheap SIP and VoIP calls Cheap SIP/VoIP calls

Low prices for outgoing calls. All you need is to register and get SIP-account

See prices here 

send and bulk sms Send and bulk SMS

Sending and bulking limitless quantity of messages in any point of the world

See prices here 

virtual PBX IP PBX installation

A package of telephone services for your office.

Only for $86 + free number

Connect virtual VoIP number and additional phone services. Check out the advantages of IP telephony for your business. Utilize VoIP technologies for promotion of your company on the international marketing and increasing of service level for permanent and potential customers.

According to all unclear items, contact technical support department. It’s available 24hours per day via Skype, email address, telephone number or online live chat. Get a virtual phone number and feel all the benefits of these numbers in combination with effective office VoIP services which simplifies and improve telecommunication. Good luck! Contact us now.

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