Order blacklist and whitelist services for prioritizing incoming Calls

We leave in time of tough rivelry and increasing life pace. That is why using modern ways of communication is a necessity especially if you are in business. Doing business means constant contacting with partners, buyers, other organizations. Telephone makes our life easier and helps to make more deals at the same time. But can we optimize our communication?Freezvon.com as a prime telecom company provides different solutions for companies and private persons. The key opportunities are getting local virtual number in any country of the world and calls forwarding to any suitable device. Order blacklist service and order whitelist service to optimize your incoming calls in order to disburden operators.

Freezvon Company offers different additional phone services except blacklist and whitelist. There are various features for virtual numbers as welcome message, background music, voicemail , click to call , recording of calls, send and bulk SMS messages, conference call and others. For receiving any of this feature you need to send us a request.

How does blacklist/whitelist option operates?

Blacklist is a very simple but very useful function for any company or entrepreneur. The system blocks incoming calls due to presets – a list of numbers. It’s very important to pay attention to your potential and current buyers instead of, for example, listening to different proposals unattributed to your business activity or unwanted customers or spam-calls.

From the other side, whitelist is not less important option. Often several calls are on the line, but operators cannot answer all the callers simultaneously. Whitelist resolves the problem: the subscribers from the white list have a priority to be answered over the others. For example, current corporate client can be more important than a physical person. The list is set up by you.

How can you buy the blacklist/whitelist service?

The option is granted to Freezvon Company clients only. It means that you have to order at least one number or phone system:

  • virtual SMS phone numbers (provides an ability to accept and send/bulk SMS );
  • virtual local/mobile phone number for calls (make and receive calls abroad or anywhere you are);
  • Toll free number (free calls for the callers);
  • virtual fax number (accept fax to email);
  • multichannel virtual phone number (for a plenty of calls);
  • Office Phone System (phone solution for enterprises).

So the whitelist and blacklist service could be switched to your Freezvon number. In fact, you obtain usual local number in any location with calls forwarding to any your appliance (telephone, Skype, SIP-application).

Ordering a virtual number with blacklist/whitelist service requires just a few simple steps and can be made over the world wire web from any point of the globe.

  1. Register on freezvon.com.
  2. Fill up your account.
  3. Order a number from your profile.
  4. Make a written request to our support team for switching the blacklist/whitelist service.

The service will be available within 24 hours or even earlier. Also, we have to notify you about our 24/7 support team. Our specialists can answer any questions and help in choosing and buying our products. Find us online in Skype, live chat, on email or call us by phone.

Get VoIP virtual number for prioritizing calls