Privacy Policy regulations from Freezvon

Read special piece of information concerning data safety

We raise your reliance above everything, because it is the principal point of our collaboration with customers. That is the principal aim of keeping your private data with necessary precautiousness and reverence. We have made this special handout to clarify all the points of disclosure. Freezvon is the company which creates propitious atmosphere in cooperation with customers, so this article has a special task - to inform people concerning safety of their private info. 

Now we would like to let know more concerning our privacy policy to persuade that your confidential data is still in safety.Trust us because our main priciples consist in safety, confidence and reliance. You can learn information concerning cases of your data disclosure.

Cases of possible disclosure

As any respectable company, we do not give the private info of our clients to anybody.

Nevertheless, in accordance with the next items, we can permit to open your data:

  • To upload the plaintiff’s claim;
  • During the revision within our company by governmental or any other national institution;
  • If there is a necessity of sale, purchase or amalgamation, we are providing all conditions of privacy;
  • In case of judgment proceedings initiated by you or against you, assuming that your info will not be presented in public;
  • To give the data to our partners or to the third person, that provides some features for your consumption.

We insist on the responsibility and trust ability, which were always our principal aims in our sphere of work.

Why should you trust us?

We as international company provide telephone services for evere possible foreign country. Our clients before using our services send us their private data which are totally safe according to our rules. But there are the following points why you can also trust us: 

  • We are experienced provider of IP-telephony;
  • We have 24-hours technical department working everyday;
  • Numerous telephone services for telecommunication goals;
  • Ability to cancel ordering of product anytime;
  • Cheap services and costs for rates;
  • High quality of VoIP telephone connection.

**When you need to more detailed information, just contact our specialists from technical section. They are waiting for your questions on Skype, helping live chat, e-mail or by telephone number. We are always ready to give you an advice or solution in any  situation connected with IP-telephony.