Use Virtual Phone Number - The Profitable Purchase

Freezvon offers lots of opportunities in IP telephony known as virtual telephone numbers

purchase Purchase of a direct local number is not only a profitable step for companies which want to reduce their telephony expenses, but also for all the rest who want to call in all directions and get calls from any direction in every part of the world. Moreover  virtual number connection gives you an opportunity not to spend money on equipment, and it does not require extension of company's telecommunication infrastructure with the help of new telephonic line assignment. A number itself belongs to his owner, it will not be changed in case he changes the location of his actual residence or moves to another city. Each subscriber can buy as many numbers as he needs. Activation of a chosen number is realized almost simultaneously after payment. A multichannel number will not only reduce phone workload but also help not to miss any important call from any customer.

Moreover if you use a virtual numbers for SMS and faxes, the process of text-messages and fax receipt to your e-mail becomes very simple. Now you can get them anytime and anywhere where there is access to the Internet. If your company uses a toll free number, you will be able to draw attention of customers all over the country by means of free calls to your company. Each customer is an individual, that is why our staff pays much attention to each client and his preferences. In other words we personalize each order that comes to us.

Payment methods for purchasing a virtual phone number

For purchasing virtual DID number firstly you have to register on our web site for further getting access to personal profile. This personal profile will help you in future for ordering a number, topping a balance, changing call/sms/fax forwarding, finding out all information about a number and calls in your history etc. Then you need to pick the number you need to find out the prices for numbers. And then you need to recharge the balance to confirm your order and make it at once.

buy a number

There are a lot  of payment systems we accept, e.g. bank cards, electronic money, money transfers and payment terminals, which our customers can use anytime and anywhere. Each purchase can be paid by means of the following methods, such as Perfect Money, Ukash, PayPal, Credit Card (Master/Visa), Wire Transfer etc.

Let us look through all these payment methods in detail:

1. If you pay via WebMoney system, which is represented by money transfer between electronic cash-boxes. Nowadays, there are several kinds of these cash-boxes which can perform payment of a service, such as WMR — payment in Russian roubles; WMZ — payment in US dollars; WME — payment in euro; WMU — payment in Ukrainian grivna. To pay for VoIP services you have to enter a number of a cash-box, where the sum should be sent to. Furthermore, each customer has the right to have several cash-boxes in a totally different currency for service payment.
2. Pay for services by Perfect Money. Main advantage of this system is a high level of security and no commissions. To pay by Perfect Money a customer should have a cash-box in this system. When you have chosen this way of payment, you have to specify the sum and currency which will be sent.
3. Payment by credit cards is one of the simplest way to buy a virtual phone number. The system accepts all kinds of credit cards as Mastercard, Maestro etc. To pay for the service, you should choose this payment system and specify all the necessary data for the purchase, such as a sum, credit card number and CVV code.
4. Payment via money transfers, such as CONTACT or Western Union. To get a virtual number or any other services and to pay for it via money transfers. The system writes a check to be paid and also receiver's personal information. Such methods of payment cannot be called instantaneous while in some cases money are credited to an account in some time, for example, in 2-3 days.

Choose your payment method

As you can see from the above-given information, all the systems which are represented on our website work properly without any complications in use. That is why each customer who wants to buy a multichannel virtual direct phone number, number with SMS message and fax receipt, virtual fax number, fax-to-email, toll free number, can choose the most convenient way to pay for the services. Thanks to plenty of payment systems our company can easily satisfy all the demands of our customers, considering their preferences and wishes.