How to get mobile virtual number for Russia

Most effective and comfortable way of communication is mobile network.

Virtual number in Russia for calls

Mobile VoIP phone numbers are really well-thought solution when you have a business or any other affair in Russia. Your family, friends or partners can dial to you or send SMS from any foreign country. So let’s find out the values of virtual mobile number for Russia and see why it’s so beneficial. We propose you several facts about this country and telephone services you can order for usage from Freezvon Company. Pay your attention to this below offered information.

Creating of convenient conditions concerning telecommunication is the main task of IP-technologies. We get special solution that can be characterized as virtual IP office, which could comprise some helpful VoIP services. It’s called as PBX station that consists of own IP address, SIP accounts, internal numbers for inside talking, voice menu, monitoring of calls and others.

Largest country in the world, associated with bears, Siberian tigers and Imperial eagle. Enormous territory and million population of Russia require big responsibility in setting up of telephonic communication. IP telephony reached an incredible progress, so it’s easier to choose the way of telephone connection. Modern people know that mobile are the most beneficial devices for sharing information.

What is mobile number for Russia and its principle of work?

Russian mobile DID numbers have unique mobile code +7 and can divert directly your calls or SMS to any destination you desire. They could be like:

  1. SIP for calls;
  2. IP-telephone for calls;
  3. Website for SMS;
  4. Email for SMS or fax;
  5. Skype for calls;
  6. Alternative number for calls or SMS.

The specificity of this is in absence of using SIM-cards or additional technical appliances as wires. It’s captivating to know that such number isn’t attach to any of special physical location.

Buy virtual number in Russia

Categories of Russian mobile number

Mobile VoIP numbers are divided into several types, which are for:

  • Calling – you may get and make calls to the specially chosen unique destination;
  • SMS – number for texts only. They are readdressed to e-mail, url etc.;
  • Calls and SMS – number for both telephone services.

Profits of using Russian DID telephone number

Staying in Russia you will do a big favor for your family, friends or colleagues when you choose mobile virtual number .

Learn these points of using it:

  • Possibility to call with local tariffs;
  • High connection level;
  • Cheapness of numbers;
  • Ignorance of location;
  • Additional services for your mobile number: click to call , call back, hold music , welcome message, conditional call forwarding and many others;
  • Various ways of payment.

Ordering procedure of mobile telephone number for Russia

It’s painless operation, you don’t have to turn round some complicated points or asking mathematical questions. Just follow our recommendations and it will OK:

  1. Set up to and top up your balance;
  2. Select “Russia”;
  3. Choose type of number (in your case it’s mobile) and for what services;
  4. Order it now!

Asking, you expand your mind’s opportunities and open undiscovered paths for yourself. Support team of works all day long in waiting of your questions. We are happy to let you know more about Russian numbers.

How to buy a virtual number in Russia Buy Russian virtual number for Russia

Area mobile phone codes and rates for Russia

Watch at some of possible codes and rating for numbers of this country:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Tele2 t2-9x 10 20 + + -
Beeline b-9x 10 20 + + -
MTS m-9x 10 20 + + -
Megafon mg-9x 10 20 + + -
Virtual mobile Moscow 79xx 12 22 + - -