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Free virtual offers its clients to start economizing money. Forget about monthly fees withdrawing. Safe your money on account and communicate without restrictions. How possible to do that? The answer is simple: just get free VoIP number in any possible country. The list of affordable countries is restricted, only some countries take part in special offer. But, getting this local call number just stop restrict yourself in phone communication. All is necessary to do is just top up balance on 30$ and order free number. This money will not be withdrawn from client’s account and are possible for using.

PBX service consists of such number, but some other useful functions. There are big quantity of SIP accounts, interior numbers for corporate communication, IP address, voicemenu, blacklist, greeting messages and other possible services.

What is necessary for getting free number?

Either physical person or the company can get this free virtual DID number. Everybody who is interested in it, can get free number, only recharging the balance on 30$ each month. The considerable difference from usual number is that money is not withdrawn as monthly fee from clients' profile. Balance remains, and cash can be used by user of number.

These funds can be used for calls receiving/making, buying new numbers, connecting additional phone services etc. So, the user doesn't have to top up balance in addition, and thus economize greatly.

Order free number for such states:

Australia Hungary
Austria Ireland
Belgium Greece
Bulgaria Italy
Canada Japan
Czech Russia (Moscow 499)
Denmark Sweden
Estonia Great Britain
Finland The USA

The list can be changed and completed. For more details and updated list of countries, you may find out here or applying in support. Here you can see all available cities that are available for connection for free.

Virtual number around the world

What advantages do you have getting free virtual number?

As you see the special offer from, can be very useful and helpful for large business and in private usage. Buy number and as result you have calls quantity and money (30$) on your account:

  • Buying new numbers,
  • For incoming and outgoing calls,
  • Sending sms and mass mail from your personal profile,
  • Ordering additional services (as voicemail , IVR , greeting and so on).

Think about telecommunication and don't pay extra money, as buy free calls number with all these benefits right now. The quantity of numbers is limited, so, hurry up to get it!

How to get free telephone number?

If you are considering over the possibility of getting such free number, firstly find out if the quantity of wanted country take part in special offer. You can the list of such numbers here. Then all is necessary is to:

  1. Register on our site and get access to profile;
  2. Top up balance on 30$;
  3. Order the number via personal account through the option "free virtual phone number".

After these steps, number will be getting during 24 hours. You will get email when it is ready with information about it. If you have some additional questions, you may apply to our support.

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