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how to find out information Virtual telephony, being a new smart technology opens new opportunities for a world community especially its active part, who prefer travelling. At the same time growing cross-border businesses and SME, which enter foreign markets or optimize their international communication means, can use a lot of helpful features of VoIP telephony. Freezvon Company offers wide and detailed info about telecommunication via Internet.  

Actually, virtual telephony is a combination of VoIP-technology and call forwarding tools. So, now everyone can get direct local or mobile number in any country of the world and use it as a resident being in another part of the globe. Freezvon Company is a provider of such SIP/VoIP numbers, additional and support services globally. On our website you can search all helpful information and interesting articles that may be used for realizing all unclear details about virtual telephony.

Freezvon Company website on virtual telephony services overview

First of all, there is a main panel where you can find first and main information regarding virtual telephony. Here you can find all available types of numbers and phone services in chapter “Features”. “Pricing” may tell you all actual call rates and number prices from Freezvon Company. Main panel also helps you to find out how virtual number works, how to get in touch with Freezvon Company, how to buy numbers, provides all new articles and news from the sphere of IP telephony in our “Blog”. Here you may also sigh up and login to your personal profile. 

Using widget on the right side of the web site page you may see all accessible numbers and countries provided and get to know prices for numbers and possible call destinations. FAQ (Frequently asked questions) chapter will help you to find necessary information for all your questions connected with telephony. visitor can always see additional phone services that are available for connection. 

How to buy virtual telephony solutions and numbers

Almost each page consist a table with a short description of a purchasing process. Moreover, Freezvon Company offers different types of numbers (for calls, for SMS, for fax, for calls and SMS, for calls and fax or multichannel numbers) and additional services to them (IVR-menu, PBX (virtual office), greeting message , hold music , blacklist/whitelist , call recording , voice mail, call reporting, conference calls, callback , click-to-call). It its turn, we are always ready to give all the necessary information, assistance and support. Our specialist can offer both complex solutions for multinational companies and simple products for personal use.

Its easy and fast to buy a virtual telephony solutions in a few step. In order to buy a number you have to:

  1. Register on
  2. Choose a necessary number.
  3. Choose a necessary country/city.
  4. Set up forwarding.
  5. Make a written request for additional services from your profile (if necessary).

All information is available  on our website But if you still have some questions, feel free to appeal to our 24/7 support team. We are always online and ready to answer all appeared questions. Welcome to!

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