SMS phone number: receive and send messages online

Flexible and fast way of information exchange is known as virtual SMS telephone number.

SMS virtual numbersSome people think that by means of a phone SMS number one can make cheap calls within a country and abroad. Others may say virtual numbers create a strong effect of company’s presence in a particular country: i.e. an entrepreneur does not have to rent an office, hire staff, or buy equipment to appear on the market of the country he is interested in. Consequently, calling clients will think they call on a local company’s phone number and they will pay at lower rates as in comparison with international calls.

In contemporary style of life, it’s possible to pick any methods of communication. Speaking about telecommunication it’s worth mentioning IP possibilities of information transmission. If you need to be closer to one of abroad state, pick SIP application n service that helps not only getting calls, but also making calls with this service. Send request about its installation to us and get the settings.

Unique opportunity of SMS operations

Buying a direct virtual number on our official website a customer gets not only a high quality of service at low rates, but he also can send/receive SMS. Forwarding is set up in such a way that while sending a message to a particular number, the server diverts it to e-mail box, program for receiving texts to mobile.

SMS virtual numbers

Thus, a client, who buys a number for SMS, will get an opportunity to get SMS all the time anywhere he stays. All he needs is access to the Internet. It means it does not matter whether there is a mobile network or not, a phone is turned on or turned off, a subscriber will never miss any important sent text messages. Who will get benefits, using such a type of virtual numbers?

Benefit of a virtual DID phone number messaging

It will be useful for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies that are willing to organize different quizes and lotteries or SMS-voting. Also it will be useful for companies involved into content distribution (images, music, games etc.) for mobile etc. We can mark out such preferences of this number:

  • User's location in any point of the world;
  • Possibility to get SMS to mobile, URL or email;
  • Sending SMS to one or several subscribers at once;
  • Quick connection of numbers;
  • A lot of countries for connection etc.

The attachment is activated on the payment date, giving a possibility to immediately make calls in all directions. The availability of additional functions and instruments gives a plenty of new methods to update the whole process of communication via mobile telephony.

Virtual SMS numbers Coverage

Ordering number for receiving and sending SMS? Get our product with all these preferences. See all countries and prices here. The process of getting the number includes next steps:

  1. Register and get access to personal profile;
  2. Recharge balance;
  3. Order the number via profile.

Buy virtual number for receiving and sending sms

Number will be connected within 24-hours and you will be informed by email about it. Get the number now and receive and send SMS to any point of the world.