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Install Asterisk for office telephony organization

Setting of own telephone station with the help of Asterisk software. In 1999 Digium company created Asterisk, the innovative telephonic solution that made revolution in telecommunication sphere. With this invention a necessity to buy expensive telephone station with poor functional was reduced. Now it’s possible to call the company without connection of numerous additional equipment and phone devices. From this article, you may get more details concerning installation of this station for ameliorating affairs.

On our website you can purchase virtual numbers of most possible countries, connect PBX based on Asterisk and create personal telephonic system for controlling calls with wide opportunities of additional phone services. Read more about our additional features here.

What is Asterisk and how it works?

That is a program presenting alternate telephone station with open initial code. It has all opportunities and range of additional features for calls control. In order to organize phone system with the help of Asterisk you don’t need to connect lines or connect other equipment. You just need to download software from official site of developer to your server and make needed settings. This software is compliant with operating systems as Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris, FreeBSD and some others.

What are the functions of phone station based on Asterisk?

This program is used by companies for setting telephone systems in office. To IP PBX Asterisk you can connect virtual telephone numbers (mobile or landline) with needed quantity of lines, but also toll free 800 numbers for desired region. Accepting calls will be done without additional equipment to convenient destination course.

VoIP telephony permits making redirection to:

  • Your IP-address;
  • Alternate mobile number;
  • SIP (IP-telephone).

Use Asterisk system for calls operations
Make forwarding to such destinations

Freezvon recommends to install free forwarding to IP address, SIP account (we provide it for free when you buy a number). You can learn more about costs for virtual numbers we provide in more than 120 countries.

Asterisk settings allow plugging in any additional functions for call managing:

  • Call forwarding (conditional and unconditional) – possibility to forward call from one subscriber to another;
  • Holding the call – a possibility to send active call for holding in order to dial to another number and then to resume it back;
  • Forwarding of calls – forward calls to any destination;
  • Call history – saved info about incoming or outgoing calls (their status, time etc.) in a special text file;
  • Voicemail – a possibility to create voice messages about missed calls;
  • Call recording – record all company calls;
  • Conference call – capacity to hold conversations for more than two subscribers simultaneously;
  • IVR-menu – interactive menu for informing callers about company.

Asterisk permits having lots of internal numbers for free corporate telecommunication within the company, unlimited SIP-accounts, free virtual DID number etc.

Goods of utilization Asterisk as telephonic system

PBX based on Asterisk is better than traditional phone stations. Its main advantages are:

  • It’s possible to download this software free from official website;
  • There is no necessity in hard equipment for installation, just availability of server;
  • Wide possibilities of work with calls;
  • Ability to connect multichannel numbers to Asterisk;
  • Possibility of free talking between colleagues;
  • Organization of corporate billing;
  • Unlimited SIP accounts.

Asterisk is ignored with other softwares for instance CRM or C1 permitting to organize work of company.

How to connect virtual number to Asterisk?

In order to setup telephone station for your company, download soft and install it (you can do it on your own or contact system manager). Then you need to buy virtual number from Freezvon by following the next steps:

  • Get registered to our website;
  • Recharge the balance with desired sum;
  • Pick needed parameters;
  • Confirm your purchase!

Phone number from Freezvon will be yours within 24 hours. Do not forget to check personal email with notification letter. It's possible to check pricing for VoIP telephony services by cliciking on button below.

Costs for VoIP telephone numbers Order virtual PBX telecommunication service

For more details, it’s possible to contact our technical department via Skype, email, helping live chat or by telephone number. They will help you to install special service as virtual PBX most requested service on our site.

Payment methods

During ordering the phone number there can appear the question how to pay for the number and what payment methods accept the company Freezvon. Our team tries to provide our customers with lots of payment methods. LEARN MORE

accepted payment methods to purchase a virtual number

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