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How to configure Asterisk for calls managing online

Nowadays there are lots of services, ways and platforms creating a setting for telecommunication for absolutely different goals and destinations. In this article, we are going to tell you more about Asterisk telephone system and configuration. Asterisk in complex with needed equipment is similar to classic PBX because of several features: usage SIP, VoIP protocols. There are lots of opportunities you will receive after Asterisk configuration. Freezvon Company helps to figure out what is Asterisk service and how to use it in a profitable way.

Definition of Asterisk and why do you need this

Asterisk is a cross-breed of OpenSource TDM, voice packet of PBX and IVR platforms with ACD functionality. Unofficial Asterisk can be called one of the most powerful, flexible and widespread integrated telecommunication program products.

Its name comes symbol of star (*), which means any card to any file name in such operating systems as UNIX, DOS, LINUX. As Asterisk PBX station has interface of any software and compatible to any telephone app without tie-in. Installation of Asterisk is possible to:

  • Ubuntu;
  • Windows;
  • CentOS;
  • Debian;
  • FreeBSD;
  • Linux;
  • Solaris;
  • OpenBSD.

In order to find detailed instruction concerning setting of Asterisk, just make a request via Internet. There you will get great amount of articles devoted to this subject. In general, Asterisk is a medium part between telephone technologies and phone applications creating steady field for usage of mixed telephone field. Such services as VoIP, SIP and others go into telephone technologies.

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Configure Asterisk

How to set Asterisk for call accepting?

Asterisk was created for interface and technologies cooperation. Its own aim was support of all possible types of telephone technologies. In order to get and make calls, just set Asterisk. File sip.conf includes parameters, which belong to access configuration of SIP to Asterisk server. Below there is a setting of Asterisk which can be added to file configuration sip.conf.

Such settings are suitable when you set a calls forwarding to SIP account received from us. In case you want to get calls to our server where Asterisk has been already set, then no settings are required. All of them you do on your own concerning your requirements.

If you will accept calls with SIP-account, which will be set in Asterisk then in personal cabinet you will be able to choose forwarding type SIP and indicate a username/number or name you want to be displayed in a system.

In case you have decided to get direct calls without SIP-accounts, then in redirection settings write: name@IP server:port

Instruction for Asterisk incoming call accepting, edit file sip.conf:

context= title –in

Data, which will be entered for Asterisk setting:

  • Title – name of provider;
  • Username – your SIP login from personal cabinet;
  • Password – Your password from SIP, from “SIP-settings”;
  • Domain – IP-address of server or its name from where calls will come;
  • Context=name – in – this is a name of script, it can be any text, which will help to monitor and redirect its work;

*Caller ID (number or name of calling person) – during incoming calls it is transmitted automatically as VoIP package. You can see that in a tracking data during a call.

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You can always use Asterisk for making calls via our SIP, but for this you need separate settings depending on your system and requirements. For receiving more details, contact us and solve your problems with unclear moments in virtual telephony services. We provide you with safety, success and favorable quality of our telephony system.

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