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Linphone application for Linux system on your PC

Another one great voice program for receiving and making calls is available for your Linux OS. That is a program client of IP-telephony permitting to make voice and video calls, plus exchanging messages online. Now you can install this app to your PC with Linux based system and always stay in touch with associates, business partners or family and friends. It has additional features like contact books, additional plugins, and possibility to work with any graphical interface.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to install this application to your personal computer. So be attentive and do not miss any step from the necessary algorithm. Let’s figure out how to configure and use this program.

How Linphone for Linux OS functions?

Before installation of this application to your desktop, you should get SIP account. It’ is possible to do this after purchase of virtual phone number, then you need to complete the next easy actions:

  • Submit a request via personal account about SIP account connection;
  • Then download the Linphone app;
  • Receive necessary settings from our manager for your SIP-account.

It’s possible to have Caller ID (phone number digits) automatically shown to your subscribers if you want. Therefore, when you make international call to someone, this person can identify you by number displayed on his screen.

How to install Linphone on Linux OS

Before making any telecommunication operations, you should remember that without call program you cannot use your SIP-account, so follow these steps for correct installation and configuration. Just download this application here - :

Download and install Linphone

Now you can see your current identity

Then you are able to manage your settings of SIP accounts. Write your username and SIP address. Click on "Done".

Now you can enter Linphone, just click "Forward".

Choose I have already SIP account and click on "Forward".

Configure your account with Username, Password and Domain.

Then you need to pass authentification and enter UserID (Username) and password as for Asterisk domain.

Use Linphone app for calls now.

For receiving more detailed data you need to contact our technical department via online help chat, Skype, email or by telephone numbers presented on official website. We are available 24X7 without breaks, so can ask any of your questions to our managers who are waiting for them.

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