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Virtual number for calls in Singapore

It’s easy to get virtual number in this state, even if you don’t live there. IP-telephony made several breakthroughs in that, so you can communicate with anybody not leaving your own country. We offer Freezvon virtual numbers, SIP service, virtual PBX system and additional services to make consumers feel more confident in telecommunication. From this article you are going to understand what virtual number for Singapore is.

Freezvon.com can offer you easy method of making cheap calls abroad. For this you just need to get SIP-account, download special app ( Zoiper or Xlite ) and set up redirecting to this destination. Calls will be received to personal SIP-account. More details please check from our technicians here.

This country performs the duty of state, city and capital at the same time. The name of the country derives from Malay “singa” (translated as “lion”) and from Sanskrit “pore” (translated as “city”). The symbol of the country is lion with fish tail, each September citizens make big festival dedicated to it. That is the state of modern architecture and broad-minded style of life. Virtual telephony is inseparable part of Singapore well-being, so let’s get more info.

What is virtual Singapore number and how it works?

It’s a number with code +65, which working principle is in readdressing calls, fax and SMS to every chosen before courses. One the main specialties is in absence of SIM-cards and additional equipment. If you need to use it everywhere in the world, you have such possibility to stay free from any location stuff. For business order telephony system called IP PBX, that provide free virtual number, numerous SIP accounts, ivr-menu, call recording etc. You telephony will be well-functioning.

Get virtual phone number in Singapore

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Singapore virtual numbers provided advantages

It’s fundamental to observe following items committed to virtual number for Singapore and its positive influences on your telephonic life:

  • It’s cheap and easy in utilization;
  • Online ordering is always accessible;
  • No location can limit you in using of virtual number;
  • No SIM-cards or cables required anymore;
  • For numbers we have several additional phone services as call history , greeting message , voicemail , cheap VoIP/SIP calls and any others.

Virtual phone numbers in multiple variants

Just keep an eye on variety of numbers Freezvon.com could bring to you. With them you could redirect calls, fax and sms to every preferable course.

These numbers are for:

  1. SMS (redirection to: email, url, phone number);
  2. Fax (single direction: email);
  3. Calls and fax (forwardings differ); 4. Calls (readdressing: Skype, IP-telephone, SIP, phone number);
  4. SMS and calls (redirections to separate courses).

Singaporean numbers providing work with big quantity of people are the next:

  • Toll free 800 number (subscribers calls without paying to user of number who is encharged to pay for his inbound calls);
  • Multichannel number (numbers having lots of lines for making number less overloaded).

Buy virtual Singaporean number from Freezvon

We have fascinating system of ordering, so you could test it accomplishing the following steps:

  1. It’s necessary to sign up to website;
  2. Put some money to personal balance;
  3. Pick upon “Singapore”;
  4. Type of number you need;
  5. Order the number!

If you’re looking for answers to questions about uncertain points in virtual servicing, demand our technical support that are open to you every 24 hours per day.

Get Singaporean virtual phone number

Available codes, coverages and rates for Singapore

Receive more details about the next areas, codes and costs for using virtual numbers for Singapore:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
National 3 15 20 + - +
National 31 15 20 + - +