SIP-telephony and its main priorities in communication

Irreplaceable possibility to communicate with whole world via SIP service.

SIP account

Instead of standard telephone networks, new technologies became more and more popular. IP-telephony is one of them, it gives the possibility to economize having qualitative and safe calls without necessity to install supplement equipment. SIP-telephony is digital system functioning on the base of newest achievements in sphere of data transmission. To install SIP you need web connection. Thanks to SIP telephone, use telecommunication with profitable prices holding international meeting with low rates and create office corporative networks.

Don’t forget that it’s always possible to expand abilities in telecommunication. Freezvon propose to duplicate SIP telephony abilities with virtual PBX that comprises big amount of SIP accounts, interior numbers, information guiding voice menu, message with greeting and other useful functions.

What is SIP telephony as a way of talking?

SIP (Session Intention Protocol) is developed feature for data transmission via Internet. During the passing process, the data are transformed in digital format and divided into several parts. Then data achieved to receiver and became decoded single unit. The main constituent, which provides cheap calls and transmission of the content using this protocol:

  1. SIP-account is accounting record registered in SIP network, which can help to make calls via telephone numbers of subscribers.
  2. SIP-client is an app, where you need to indicate the information to get an access to SIP-account and make outbound calls (including video calls), send short messages and other data. There are such clients as Zoiper and Xlite , which you can install to PC, laptop, mobile telephone and tablet. IP-telephones function thanks to SIP service.

The work of virtual numbers based on technologies of SIP call thanks to redirection of calls, sms to special destination. You can get such numbers and SIP account from provider of IP-telephony called

SIP-client you may download from its official websites.

Advantages of using SIP-telephony for business and home

The way of plugging in via SIP protocol has the wide range of advantages:

  • Cheap costs for calling to every foreign country;
  • Free redirection of calls via SIP app, IP-telephone and Skype;
  • Absence of location attachment;
  • Ability to call to personal telephone of subscribers which is absent in many other programs for calling via Internet;
  • Usage of SIP don’t provide the expenses.

SIP-telephony: how it works

Traditional telephony works with the help of telephone station and generally designed to conversation. Thanks to connection stuff, voice signals can be transmitted via telephonic lines. SIP-telephony supposes transmission of the data via Internet using SIP-protocol.

Get cheap calls


How to get a SIP account and start receiving free call making cheap international calls? Use such technology for making cheap outbound calls, but also call forwarding from virtual telephone number you need complete the next steps:

  1. Set up to;
  2. Top up the balance in personal cabinet from 10$ or buy telephone number to get SIP-account for FREE;
  3. Send a request to Support department for receiving of SIP-account;
  4. Install and set up SIP-client (for instance Zoiper or Xlite) to your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.

Receiving of virtual numbers and SIP

For getting any virtual telephone number, you need to:

  1. Be registered to our website;
  2. Put money to the balance and select type of appropriate number;
  3. Select coverage area;
  4. Buy your virtual number now!

You can also order additional service as Caller ID to make your number visible with several digits when you call somebody.

Don’t be afraid of being curious in unclear sphere of IP-telephony. Support department can give you all required info about SIP-telephony or any other branch of IP telephonic stuff.

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