Skype translator for real time calls

Check what abilities do have most popular Internet system of communication.

Translator for real timeToday Skype is very wide-spread among people of all ages. And there is no surprise because this program is very convenient in use and has rather understandable interface. Children, adults, grannies make use of Skype translator for local and international communication. Skype developers offer great number of possibilities for users, and from year to year number of those possibilities is steadily growing.  

Due to Skype, we can easily communicate with our friends and relatives for free. We can contact people from other countries and do not worry about connection – it depends only on good Internet access. Just get VoIP number and set up redirection to this app, then calls will go there.

Principal odds and pros offered by this program

Currently Skype provides us with:

  • Online chatting – without limits;
  • Video calls – ability to call and see person via web camera;
  • Sending SMS to real numbers;
  • Calling real numbers;
  • Beautiful interface;
  • Excellent workability;
  • No limits and restrictions.

As it has been already mentioned – more and more new updates are appearing all the time. Recently, we were presented with such a great feature as Skype translator.

Possibilities of this feature are the following:

  1. Call actually any person who also has access to program;
  2. Your speech will be translated in real-time mode;
  3. On ecran you will see needed text of whole conversation;
  4. There is an ability to write messages on 50 different world languages;
  5. There is available beta version for Windows 8.1 OS.

Beta version on this facility is considered to be a test application release, which can be tried by users and make them chance to write feedback. It uses computer assisting teaching – more it is more, more it is better in practice. All feedbacks from users are to be discussed before releasing new version.

What is Skype translator?

Such program allows making calls and writing messages to subscribers, who talk different languages. Oral speech and text of messages are translated in real-time mode. Application is working on the base of Microsoft Translator service, as Bing, Windows and Phone.

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It provides communication without barriers. People can communicate nevertheless what language they speak. Distance plays no role. And that is achievement. If you use Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Technical Preview easily use this new application for Skype program.

Available languages for translation

Skype translator facility broadens our possibilities in talks and help to better understand each other. In beta version of Skype translator such languages are in open access:

  • English (USA);
  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • Chinese.

Developers are planning to add more possible foreign languages for translation. Skype team will inform users about all updates. As for instant messages they can be currently translated to 50 languages. And that is a progress.

It is absolutely new tool from Skype, which is being constantly updated for improving of calls translation quality. Being a user of Skype translator beta version, you will have an opportunity to help Skype developers to add new dimension to this technology and move closer to the goal – to overcome speaking barriers in the whole world. Even conversations of short calls will help Skype team to reach great results.

Get number with forwarding to Skype?

Virtual phone numbers working on principle of diverting. Calls can be redirected to any device you want available on our service. First of all, calls can be redirected to another mobile or usual corded phone. This service is accessible for low rates on our site. Then redirection of incoming calls can be performed to SIP – it is FREE of charge.

In case you want to redirect your received calls to Skype – remember that this option is FREE of charge. You can set this kind of forwarding to your virtual DID phone number and enjoy communication with subscribers. For purchasing, follow the next instructions to fullfil the procedure:

  1. Register on our site;
  2. Get access to your account;
  3. Top up balance;
  4. Order virtual number for calls;
  5. Choose country, area and type of forwarding (Skype).

It is easy to use Skype for close communication with people from all around the world. Great possibilities are given to us today – we can easily use them for our purposes. If you have any problems with ordering or registration you need to address to our Freezvon technical support. Use live chat, Skype, email or usual phone. We are ready to answer all your questions.

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