Softphone: SIP app for calls

Using a special program for calls operation with SIP application service

Technologies of new generation will help to save money and decrease expenses on telephone talks not forgetting about high connection quality. One of such technologies is softphone, which is designated at IP-telephony services utilization. Plugging of this feature provokes lifting of connecting degree even during international calls. It permits to expand business, maintain professional contacts, conduct the affairs remotely. Let’s see in details what is that and why IP-telephony bases on it.

Virtual number and this device are very convenient, because when you’re an owner of retail shop, it’s obligatory to coordinate conditions for delivery and payments for products with foreign partners. Permanent international calls give big expenses, and connection of roaming doesn’t give needed results. But with VoIP-telephony, calls will be paid at minimum rates, redirecting will become free. In such way you could economize on telecommunication services.

What is softphone and how it works?

Softphone is a software for computer that allows to make video and voice messages using virtual number. It’s also called as “program telephone”. This term is used as common notion for all SIP apps designated at communication online.

The most popular and simplest of them are:

  1. X-Lite ;
  2. Zoiper ;

Each of them could be used on various devices, for ex. PC or smartphone. User must only setup redirection. It’s worth mentioning that if you enter your account on one device, you will leave it on another.


Softphone and IP-telephony: preferences of utilization

It has a range of goods that make difference between such telephony and standard telecommunication. Among them:

  • Cheap abroad calls;
  • High speed of data transmission;
  • High quality of telecommunication;
  • Free redirecting to PC;
  • Absence of additional technical equipment;
  • Possibility to expand business influences;
  • Holding affairs remotely.

Softphone could be used not only for making calls within one area, but also for international and intercity telecommunication.

Virtual number: key service of IP-telephony

It can be of different types: for calls, sms, sms/calls, fax, calls/fax, multichannel. When you connect one of them, there is a possibility to pick necessary region, area, coverage and way of call forwarding .

All inbound calls could be directed to:

  • Mobile;
  • Skype;
  • Softphone.

Redirection of calls depends on local rates. Moreover, redirection to SIP or Skype is not paid. It’s obligatory to create SIP-account and setup coming call to it. Our specialists will help to install it and give some recommendations. Forget about buying SIM-cards and other equipment. It’s very convenient when you need to move somewhere else and change location, because it doesn’t attach to any place (if it’s necessary changes could be done online in control panel).

What is cost for SIP service with softphone?

According to costs for SIP application, it’s possible to get information about prices clicking the next button below:

Paying resources for needed VoIP services could be transferred to us via such systems as Paypal, Perfect Money, Yandex Money or any other suitable method.

Buy virtual number and connect softphone

Get virtual number from Freezvon, download one of proposed apps (Zoiper or Xlite) on its official sites and enjoy incoming and outgoing calls at low tariffs. In order to do this try to:

  1. Get registered to our website;
  2. Create personal cabinet;
  3. Pick number type, area forwarding type;
  4. Download desired softphone;
  5. Send us a request about creating SIP-account.

Number will be activated within 24-hours, account will be created then. After activation, it’s possible to connect additional services in control panel.

For receiving more knowledge about way of payment, areas and coverage, rates you could click here. You have also a possibility to ask interesting calls by phone or live chat. Stop paying big sums of money for poor connection quality, switch on IP-telephony services and save means!