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Get ready for more adaptable capacities using virtual phone number for Sri Lanka country.

virtual phone number for Sri Lanka

We’re like providers who are interested in clientage well-being have a desire to present you DID number for Sri Lanka. Our work consisted in protection and guarantee of user's rights as virtual number user or any other services. Let’s see what role of virtual number for Sri Lanka is. In translation from Sanskrit it means “Blessed land”, anyway the name to 1972 was known as Ceylon. Its flag is one of most aged in the world. “Sinhalese lion” pictured on the flag presents ancestors of Sri Lanka modern citizens. This country contains people of numerous religions: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. In any circumstances, we need to know what specificity of Sri Lanka IP telephony is.

Having a business in this country or just having a desire to talk to friends, relatives from this country, so you’re in position to order SIP service and personal account for it. Then your oversea calls will be cheaper and you could even get them for free, without paying money.

What is Sri Lanka virtual number and its operational principles?

With code +94 that redirect SMS, calls and fax to proper destinations and devices. You don’t need to get SIM cards or technical equipment. This service don’t tie you to defined area, so you move, travel, drive your car and use virtual VoIP number.

If you’re annoyed about roaming and high fees for abroad calls, you should get SIP application, which remove the question about expensive calls to foreign countries. Send a request to technical support and receive your personal SIP account for getting free calls to it.

Get virtual number for Sri Lanka

Dominant preferences of virtual number for Sri Lanka

Get more knowledge and experience concerning virtual numbers for Sri Lanka that contribute new emotions in your telephonic communications:

  • Costs for connection are low;
  • Online ordering operation via freezvon.com system;
  • Easiness in utilization of services;
  • NO SIM cards for number;
  • NO location attachment;
  • It’s achievable to get hold a music, greeting message , black/white lists; click to call , call recording and many others.

Sri Lanka DID virtual numbers and their types

Detect what is good in virtual number of their functions diversity. So you are successful to see their variants right now.

These numbers can be for:

  1. Fax (make redirection only to email);
  2. Calls (diverting to SIP, Skype, other phone or IP telephone );
  3. SMS (this readdressing can be done only to email, URL, other number);
  4. Calls and SMS (single number for two particular services);
  5. Fax and calls (number that reroutes calls and fax to diverse courses).

Other numbers are dominating for prosperous business work (call centers, banks, hotels etc.):

  • Toll free 800 numbers (your callers will dial to you without paying);
  • Multichannel numbers (they have many lines making number more accessible for subscribers. It correctly distribute calls to operators).

Making-out up of an order for Sri Lanka virtual number

It’s possible to fulfill simplest process of ordering of virtual number for Sri Lanka and enjoy talking.

Spend some seconds following next steps:

  1. Pass registration process;
  2. Receive an access to personal cabinet;
  3. Recharge your balance;
  4. Determine “Sri Lanka”;
  5. Select type of number;
  6. Have an order!

* Before making purchase you need to clear up all IP telephony items for being professional user. Technical experts have all answers for confusing points you got.

Codes and coverages for Sri Lanka virtual numbers

With this information, you will be more confident in using virtual numbers for Sri Lanka cities:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Toll Free 242 40 70 + - -


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