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Freezvon Company is very glad to welcome you to our web-site. Here you will get to know the most common information about our company and services we suggest. You may also contact us anytime you need, as we are always online and glad to answer any questions you have. When there are some unclear moments or unsolved problems, just address to technical department of our corporation and stay informed in every point of IP-telephony. From this article you are going to know how to contact our technical support specialists in the easiest and convenient way.

Virtual number is a valid number in any state that is available for connection for anyone who needs it. Virtual number works without binding to person’s actual address, so, anyone may be located anywhere and has opportunity to get a number in any country or city. Such possibility is enforceable thanks to forwarding of calls, sms or fax, and, in its turn, it helps in saving time and money. Find more about workability of virtual numbers here.

Types of virtual numbers that we offer:

Voice (VoIP numbers for getting and making calls). Our company provides numbers for calls. They may be local or mobile ones with redirection to existing cell phone, SIP device, Skype, PBX etc. Redirections to SIP and Skype are free. Landline local numbers have an opportunity of enlarging the quantity of lines for concurrent calls, and such numbers are called multichannel. Toll free 800 numbers are available for choosing. Free calls for subscribers and simultaneous calls are the main benefits of such numbers. Free DID number is also one of voice services provided by our company. It is a local number with special conditions. Find more about it here. Our clients may not only receive calls, but also make them. To find out more about how to make outgoing calls you may here

Messaging (numbers for SMS). The numbers for SMS are also available for getting from our company. Receive free SMS with forwarding to email and cheap text messages to mobile phone and communicate by messaging with your friends and family. Send or bulk SMS to any mobile number from your personal profile (notify your customers automatically about latest company news, sales, etc.). Find more about workability of SMS numbers here.

Fax (phone numbers for receiving fax). Free fax to email is available with virtual fax numbers. Operability of a number is assured without additional expenses connected with buying fax machines, paper etc. The function allows to unload your line. You may find more here.

 Additional VoIP phone services

Besides numbers facilities our company offers many VoIP phone services to communicate more comfortably:

You may see a full list of phone services and their prices here.

Payment methods and number charges

We accept different payment methods, main of them are: Perfect Money, PayPal, Webmoney etc. Our company also accepts cashless payments from our clients. You may see all payment methods here. As to charges connected with payments for number, it should be noted that setup fee is paid only once while ordering a number, and monthly fee is paid every month. Inbound calls and SMS with diverting to alternate phone, outgoing calls and SMS are charged separately from monthly fee. See all rates here.

Terms of use

Our company has its rights and duties, engages to implement them and requires the same actions from our clients. All numbers should be used only legally. And be ready that all illegal actions will lead to deleting a number and blocking an account. Find out our Terms and Conditions here.

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You may get to know all additional information about services we provide by contacting with us by phone, email, online chat, Skype. We work 24/7, so, you may be sure to receive qualified advice and help from our support.

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