Get DID virtual telephone number for Switzerland

With Swiss virtual telephone number it’s possible to create new telephonic capacities.

Virtual number in Switzerland

Being so progressive country Switzerland is like a duck to water in IP technologies. That’s business state where not only clocks, but time is very precious. To make communication with business partners resourceful and effective is main purpose of VoIP telephony services. Swiss DID virtual numbers captivate business world, but it’s necessary to know more about this business sphere. Let’s check it out!

IP PBX system is really great service especially when it’s obligatory for you to build relations with partners or colleagues. It’s like a package of VoIP services known as statistic of calls, informational voicemenu, SIP-accounts, internal numbers for inside communication and others.

Unique state needs more profound investigation of its uniqueness. Stable stock market, delicious chocolate, nice clocks and age-long history. What is more you should know about fantastic, rich and prosperous Switzerland? Magnificent Alps make magical things to the visitors. When people see the mountains, something changes in their mind.

Swiss virtual numbers and how it works?

This kind of virtual number has +41 code. Working process is around the redirection of calls, SMS and fax to chosen course. For using such numbers, you don’t have to buy sim-cards or technical equipment. It’s easy to use because there is no bounding to any location, so you may get around everywhere you need. For making incredibly cheap calls, SIP call service solves these items. It can get calls to SIP account cheaper than to other destinations. Pricing lists you may see here.

Get virtual phone number in Switzerland

Various types of Swiss DID virtual numbers:

More variants of VoIP virtual numbers you may examine here. Then actually, you may choose one or more of them. They are for:

  1. SMS (receiving messages to website, email, alternate number);
  2. Calls (responsible for getting calls to IP-telephone, Skype, SIP, other number);
  3. Calls and SMS (unique number for calls and SMS);
  4. Fax (getting fax messages to e-mail);
  5. Calls and fax (one number for both services).

Another interesting types can be:

  1. Multichannel numbers (Swiss numbers with lots of lines for advanced work with customers);
  2. Toll free 800 numbers (numbers with calls out of charge for people who want to call you).

Plus points of Swiss DID virtual telephone numbers:

Swiss people adore things of high quality, so these kind of virtual numbers have its own positive characteristics:

  • Profitable and unreplaceable for communication with foreigners;
  • It’s possible to order it via Internet;
  • Low pricing and high quality of connection;
  • Cheap virtual numbers for any personal purposes (travelling, business etc.);
  • Electronic payment services;
  • Additional telephone services in access (conditional call forwarding , IVR menu, click to call , call back, voicemail , background music and many other are HERE).

How to get special VoIP telephone number for Switzerland

If you’ve decided to be happy owner of such virtual telephone number, maintain this operation now:

  1. Set up to our site;
  2. Put some means to the balance;
  3. Select “Switzerland” in a list;
  4. Choose the necessary kind of number;
  5. Buy virtual telephone number now!

Ask right questions if you feel a bit baffled with such amount of information. Our support team is very responsive and responsible for these points.

HHow to buy a virtual number in Switzerland Buy Swiss virtual number for Switzerland

City codes and costs for Switzerland:

Pick up any of these cities and buy Swiss virtual phone number for using it there:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Geneva 22 15 20 + - +
Basel 61 15 20 + - -
Bellizona 91 15 20 + - -
Bern 31 15 20 + - +
Coire 81 15 20 + - -
Fribourg 26 15 20 + - -
Lausanne 21 15 20 + - +
Lucerne 41 15 20 + - -
Lugano 91 15 20 + - +
Neuchatel 32 15 20 + - -
Olten 62 15 20 + - -
Rapperswil 55 15 20 + - -
St Gall 71 15 20 + - -
Virtual PRI 00 0 90 + - -
Winterthur 52 15 20 + - +
Zurich 44 15 20 + - +
Mobile (only for sms)* xx 10 20 - + -