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Telegram and contest with 1 million prize

Earning money and creating communication mood for lots of subscribers 

Telegram team has announced about the starting of new contest regarding to designing new version of Telegram messenger for Android. The minimum price fund in first step of competition is 1 million rubles. This 1st competition stage will be finished on 20th of May. And on that day the most creative, the smartest person, the one who will follow all rules of this competition, will be the winner and awarded.

According to contest rules, the participants of contest should create messenger on the base of Telegram API, using Telegram Database Library (TDLib) and graphic materials given by contest organizers. The functionality of contest messenger is minimal. It should include: login and registration, revision of chat members and separate chat, opportunity to send text messages and photos. Also there should be backing to 4 and 5 Android versions.

As the task of the starting competition stage is very simple, organizers are sure that the chances for the part of prize fund are in everybody. Estimating the works, organizers will be especially attentive to the details, the speed and the animations smoothness.

The founder of Telegram Pavel Durov called Telegram Database Library (TDLib) as “revolutionary technology”. According to Durov words, the library is aimed to speed up the work of already the fastest messenger in the world, and also to simplify its development. Designers will be able to focus on creation the attractive background, instead of working on low levels tasks, such as data coding, backing of local database for messages storage and others. All these tasks are solved by TDLib.

It was in 2013 – the previous time, when such contest was organized for Android-creators by Durov Team. And in that time the winner of such contest became Nikolai Kudashov, the creator of application “Vkontakte 2” for IOS, and it was him who received 1 million rubles as a price. Now he works in Telegram Team. The second place and 500 thousands rubles were for Stepan Korshakov. He as also the part of Telegram Team, but on May, 2014 he left the company. Roman Truba won 3rd place and 300 thousands.

The winners of previous years contests may also take part in competition, buy as it was already noticed price fund will be distributed only among new contest members. So, now everybody may take part in competition and struggle for 1 million rubles.

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