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Thai virtual telephone numbers with code +66 help to discover IP-telephony capabilities.

Virtual number for calls for Thailand

We’re ready to present you virtual phone numbers for hot and breathtaking Thailand. We can prove that IP telephony services don’t stand on one place, and evolve faster and faster. represents various services for personal or work needs. We care about customers who use our VoIP services, so it’s a big deal to tell our future clients more about products we offer.

In business every brick of development is essential, so telephony is also main aspect in building of strong and firm foundation of your business. Virtual IP PBX is well-known as virtual office can totally replace ordinary telephone system. It looks like well-formed telephony. It comprises own IP address, limitless SIP accounts, IVR menu, welcome message, IVR menu etc. Make your business higher!

Everyone dreams to leave work and settle down on fairy kingdom of Thailand. It’s interesting that after the Second World War Thai people said hello using the phrase: “Have you eaten something?”, then phrase “sawatdee” appeared. The name Bangkok, as capital of this state, is translated from Thai as “Angel city, marvelous city, city-treasure, haughty residence of Indra God…” etc. this name was added to Guinness Book of World Records. We hope that IP telephony in this country will impress you more.

What is Thai virtual number and its working system?

This number has great ability to readdress calls, SMS and fax to appropriate courses or destinations. For instance:

  1. Calls – to Skype, IP telephone , SIP and other phone;
  2. SMS – URL, email or other number you have;
  3. Fax – only to email.

It works without annoying SIM cards and expensive equipment. If you want to leave home or office, don’t worry about virtual numbers work, it’s independent from physical location.

Get virtual phone number in Thailand

Strong advantages of virtual numbers for Thailand

If you need to get more info about our virtual numbers and other services, you should check their edges:

  • Cheapness and easiness of virtual numbers;
  • Online ordering process available on our site. Just check out your connection to Internet;
  • Accessible additional services as call recording ,blacklist, voicemail , IVR-menu and many others;
  • NO physical location will disturb your number work;
  • NO SIM cards for usage in need.

Variants of Thailand virtual numbers from Freezvon

We’re happy to give you a lot of types of number for usage in Thailand. They exist for:

  1. SMS;
  2. Calls;
  3. Fax;
  4. Calls and SMS;
  5. Fax and calls.

Other types of numbers are special ones because they get several phone lines:

  • Multichannel – your number won’t be overloaded;
  • Toll free 800 – subscribers would be grateful for free calling to number user, who is responsible for paying these calls.

Thai virtual telephone numbers for ordering

Don’t mind about complicated instructions. We don’t have them. Only simplicity and quality we’re ready to propose.

Do the following steps:

  1. Register yourself to and have an access to personal cabinet;
  2. Put some cash to personal balance;
  3. Pick up “Thailand”;
  4. Select number type;
  5. Try to order!

Freezvon experts are going to save you from ignorance and misunderstanding of VoIP technologies world. Write to them via email, Skype or live chat online.

How to buy a virtual number in Thailand Buy Thai virtual number for Thailand

Area codes and coverages for Thailand virtual numbers

Be sure that you numbers will be workable with our area codes and coverages for Thailand:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Bangkok 2 10 45 + - -
National VoIP 6 10 20 + - -