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How phone number will benefit your business goals

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Virtual number is often used as a byname or second name for your principal real phone number or VoIP destination. This special number gives you extraordinary possibilities of virtually selecting your place of staying in the current moment of time, depending on the date, day, and other preferences. You can actually accept as many calls as you wish, while being virtually in several places simultaneously, if it benefits professional sphere of personal interests. For instance, due to call forwarding , it can be used for accomplishing calls at a few various VoIP applications, to include your PC, notepad, fax machine or mobile. You can basically choose your preferred place of residence or your corporate office location from any of 90 countries all over the globe.

Most profitable solution for work in office is PBX system. That could totally replace old-fashioned phone system with such facilities as salutation message, IP-address, numerous SIP-accounts, hold a music, interior numbers for cheaper talking. This system don't attach to physical location, so it's always possible to use it everywhere. All fact concerning fees and installation procedure are here.  

Influence of IP-technologies on business

The geographical location of the subscriber does not really matter while receiving or accomplishing calls, while, thanks to the VoIP primary and secondary destination set at your personal profile settings, these can be managed by the calls readdressing option. All calls to your DID local number will come directly to the initially established devise as that of your preference, whereby you will feel no real difference. Let’s take you live in Mumbai, India and you get the DID number of Barcelona, Paris and Milan. You then set up the DID destination course so that all calls of these European cities are redirected to your local mobile phone in Mumbai.

Moreover, virtual VoIP numbers problemless allow to expand on multiple channels, so you are no more restricted to one number per line. The caller ID may be configured to be either hidden or shown to your subscribers, according to your privacy or business needs. Therefore, if required, you will be known as per one single number to give partners or friends a possibility to note down your main contact and thus establish strong relationship and trust.

What types of numbers Freezvon proposes?

Our company creates a possibility to subscribers-callers to use such features and facilities as:

1. DID Numbers (for calls, fax, SMS, toll free numbers, multichannel);

2. SIP-application for cheap VoiP calling abroad;

3. Call forwarding to various devices and courses;

4. Additional services ( click to call , background music, conference call , blacklist, send and bulk sms, greeting message and others). 

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Why should one use a Virtual number for company promotion goals?

Numbers are frequently used for PR and promoting goals of a company, wishing to establish its global presence and set its reputation as to the world’s standards. To build the corporate brand name, public awareness, set a strong corporate presence and broaden the areas of influence. Also to allow business to be easily reached and accessible to the third parties worldwide or nationwide.

Any given type of sphere activities can be expanded within the own country, as well as outside the region, whereas geography matters the least in terms of the good connectivity, pricing, dialling costs, etc. With the help of virtual corporate number it is possible to globalize your company and thus raise your profits. In order to promote your services and products abroad, it is of a critically great value to connect a local number of the targeted country or region. Thanks to the advantages of IP-telephony, such a service as the call forwarding can be established, thus to directly connect your own number with those of any country internationally.

All inbound calls are thus redirected to your home office. This renders a feeling of trust and security to your potential buyers, who would eagerly prefer to make inland calls to those of abroad. Giving them a possibility to save costs on dialling local code numbers, you pay no more than for usual phone services. Moreover, high communication expenses are not even to be mentioned here. It is to be emphasized, that the cost of VoIP services has always been much cheaper as compared to the usual telephone connection providers.

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