Toll Free number as a customer relations implement

Widen an intercourse with the surrounding using IP-telephony opportunities

The communication quality and accessibility permits to solve different issues without personal presence. So, efficiency of business grows significantly. Moreover, VoIP generation opens new spaces for a data exchange and voice services. At the same time question of correct customer relations arises. Clients provide your company’s profit, they finally make and share ads and news. Toll Free Number service (800) provides your clients’ feedback. Each reputable company must order Toll Free number and maintain it for successful public relations.

It is one of the most popular services that exist in the field of IP-telephony. The technology lies in a voice transmission over the world wire web to a phone or a computer. The peculiarity is that a charge for the call is made from a number owner. The call is free for a caller. Such an attitude to customers is perceived as caring about their budget. As a consequence – people will call you more often.

Advantages of Toll Free numbers

This type of communication contributes to a growth of customer service class, improvement of processing of incoming calls, make corporate image better. It can also be used as a multi-channel number with an unlimited quantity of lines. Let us consider the benefits of using it:

  1. No binding to certain location. As mentioned above, communication is performed by transmitting signals over the internet. This means that you do not have to buy additional equipment or separate telephone line. The 800 phone number is linked to the IP-address, not to the place. No need to change the telephone number when moving.
  2. Corporate image improvement. Showing Toll Free number increases a trust of your customers. It brings company’s care about customers’ expenditures out.
  3. Fast processing of a big quantity of ingoing calls. VoIP-telephony usage will make you feel the improvement of the relationships level. Audibility and the data rate will arise significantly.
  4. Possibility to connect additional telephonic lines. Several phone lines will allow you to receive numerous calls simultaneously.
  5. Possibility to connect additional services. As an enterprise grows and a demand for its products/services increases, you can connect additional options, create a single Call Center.

Nowadays most companies which care about their buyer and partners have such services and develop them in order to get maximum dividends from it.

Additional services

Order Toll Free number and connect additional services to obtain the only incoming number. Voice menu or IVR-menu is, probably, one of the most popular services. The function allows customers to switch to the correct department and/or employee. This will reduce a load on your operators.

Optionally, you can also record a greeting message to be voiced instead of usual beeps, make it succinct, appealing to customers. Another useful service is a background music. It can replace the familiar sounds of ringing and make a waiting process less stressful for a caller.

Ordering the service does not require any considerable physical actions everything is made online over the personal cabinet. Learn more about how to connect 800 freephone and other options asking Freezvon Company support team. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.