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Peculiar numbers for people who care about business and clientele quantity 

clientele quantity with toll free numbersGet a toll free service to create a hot line for sells, marketing advertising, promotions, sociological inquiries and dialling free for customers. Every entrepreneur aims at promoting influential customer service functioning, reducing number of missed calls and increasing number of received calls. The main goals of a real businessman are represented by reduction of telephony costs and absence of necessity to attach additional equipment. All these functions can be carried out with the help of a toll free in virtual office.

Companies quantity, which have connected this telephone facility is increasing day by day. They do not only increase the efficiency of virtual service, but also attract new people and promote sales that improves your company's image and makes it more trustworthy. Learn more according to fees here. Enjoy telecommunication with Freezvon thanks to features suitable for different aims! 

Notion of toll-free numbers and its working principle

That's a number for calls that is of multichannel virtual type. It works thanks to redirection to appropriate destination course: SIP, Skype, alternate number; This service permits subscribers making free calls to you as user. Forget about SIM-cards, or additonal expensive equipment. Toll free numbers work only at national level, so check out the toll free numbers costs here. 

Main advantages of the toll free number facility are represented by:

•  They are for the company's consumers and partners, meanwhile calls are paid by the receiver;
•  Opportunity to unite all the existing numbers into one multichannel toll free number, while calls will be redirected to any office or cell phone, SIP-device or computer;
•  Processing of received calls does not depend on their quantity, so if you attach a voice menu service, you will get a brilliant opportunity to automate the primary procession of all incoming calls;
•  No need to increase telephone lines;
•  Call queue setup. For instance, if the line the user calls to is busy or nobody answers the call, he hears a greeting message system and the system asks him to stay on-line. A service is very useful for such companies involved in sales, telemarketing and technical support.

Toll free numbers for the company's customers

Functions of these companies are usually represented by phone sales, delivery services (such as a taxi, food delivery, or ticket delivery), support or customer services (that is often used in many trade networks, banks and other big corporations), social inquiries and researches.

How to obtain VoIP toll free number

Just complete several recommendations and then you could easily become an owner of our product. Follow next steps:

  1. Sign up to Freezvon.com;
  2. Fill the balance with cash;
  3. Pick needed parameters;
  4. Order facility now! 

**Each customer can consult our specialist about the way he can get a 800 number. Buy a number in our company and keep closer to your permanent customers all the time! Be available every time they call you!

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