Get the virtual phone number for Trinidad and Tobago

VoIP services became accessible in Trinidad and Tobago in the form of virtual telephone numbers.

Virtual phone number for Trinidad and Tobago

Our service provides the clients with an excellent chance to make calls nevertheless where they are or can be later in the future. makes it possible to perform communication within such country as Trinidad and Tobago even not being present there. This article is telling about virtual number and other facilities from 

When you need to regulate telephone system, we get solution for you. It’s virtual IP PBX that replaces old telephony. Such services are for you office: many SIP accounts, internal numbers, IP address, recording of calls, call history , IVR menu, etc. Create conditions for making your business successful with the help of

What about impressive facts concerning this country. It’s interesting that the name “Trinidad” was given by Columbus in honor of Trinity holiday, but the second island “Tobago” derived from calling of smoking pipe. This country has a capital, which has a name of other state Port of Spain. Islands are cradle of calypso music, limbo dancing and playing iron drums. Anyway we need to know about services.

What is Trinidad and Tobago virtual number and its work?

This number has a code +1 868 and has a possibility to redirect calls, SMS and fax to appropriate course.

They are like:

  1. IP telephone for calls;
  2. Skype for calls;
  3. SIP for calls;
  4. URL for SMS;
  5. Email for SMS and faxes.

Such numbers are capable to work without SIM cards or other technical equipment. Don’t care about location, because this number isn’t attached to any of them.

Get virtual number for Trinidad and Tobago

Why should you choose our service?

Before buying, take into consideration all points. Cooperating with our company, you will see such pros:

  • The prices you pay are low and available to everyone;
  • The connection is of the highest caliber – try once and you would be positively surprised;
  • Possibility to call at local rates;
  • Ordering via website online;
  • Twenty-four hours technical support – all requests will be considered and answered as quick as possible.

What numbers accessible in Trinidad and Tobago?

Freezvon gets various numbers that have their special task. They are for:

  1. SMS;
  2. Calls;
  3. Fax;
  4. Calls and SMS/Fax and Calls;
  5. Multichannel numbers (lots of lines for number);
  6. Toll free 800 numbers (free calling accessible for subscribers).

What you can get additionally with our virtual phone numbers service

We offer our users a plenty of additional possibilities. Number could be ameliorated by such professional options:

  • Everyone has an opportunity to create black and white lists to distinguish between non-desirable and desirable numbers;
  • There is an option of recording the conversation ( call recording ) from the time you start talking to the canceling;
  • For special purposes, you can order the conference call – possibility to hold meetings consisting of several people via the phone – local or mobile;
  • This service is available for making calls. Be ready to try voice mail and call forwarding distribution feature.

How to get Trinidad and Tobago virtual number?

You should make some steps to get the number for the country of Trinidad and Tobago. To order the number is not so difficult and will not take much time.

Just follow the instructions given below.

  1. Firstly, you have to register on;
  2. Secondly, the payment should be performed;
  3. Pick “Trinidad and Tobago”;
  4. Ordering’s done.

In case you have any problems, please, do not be afraid to contact our support team around-the-clock. We will solve all the problems you have.

How to buy a virtual number in Trinidad & Tobago Buy virtual number for Trinidad & Tobago

Area codes and their rates in Trinidad and Tobago

There are some codes corresponding to territory where your number could function without limitations in this state.

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Port-of-Spain 868 15 50 + - -