Getting virtual mobile VoIP number for Ukraine

Such kind of number is very helpful in business affairs and several household doings.

Ukrainian virtual numbers for calls

Being prosperous in streaming world of business, Freezvon’s mobile DID telephone numbers for Ukraine give the simplest and painless solution. For big companies it’s always in priority to control all spheres of their work, especially telephonic. Let’s find the explanation of notion “Ukraine mobile virtual number”! 

Nowadays, Ukraine becomes leading young bunch of freedom and prosperity. Its progressive ideas and aspiration to go forward in spite of troubles warm up the interest to this country. Ukrainian society is full of creative and ingenious people. IP technology didn’t ignored this country. Many foreign modern companies have their department in Ukraine and developing affairs.

When it’s high time to ameliorate business, think about such service called PBX system created on a base of VoIP services presented by They are like SIP accounts of numerous quantity, numbers for interior talking, interactive menu at the beginning of call, monitoring of call affairs.

What is Ukrainian mobile virtual number and its functioning?

It has code +380 working by redirecting of calls and sms to the specially chosen course. Redirect calls to Skype, Sip account or local/cell phone. If you are going to save your means, it’s better to choose SIP and receive calls to personal SIP account. You don’t have to care about your location, because this number isn’t tied down to anything.

Buy virtual number in Ukraine

Benefits for using Ukrainian mobile phone number

Being in Ukraine you may see the positive items in usage of Ukrainian mobile numbers:

  • Ukrainian mobile DID numbers are incredibly cheap;
  • Calls from abroad at low rates;
  • Providing cheap phone VoIP services;
  • Various payment systems;
  • Additional phone services for your Ukrainian mobile DID number ( click to call , call back, conditional call forwarding , IVR menu, hold music etc.)

It’s very big choice of DID numbers for Ukraine

Sometimes it’s not easy to make a decision, but when you realize exactly what you need, the decision comes faster. Ukrainian DID telephone numbers we have are look like an ordinary numbers but with specificity. They can be for readdressing of calls, sms, fax to selected course.

Ukraine is expensive country, so when there is a chance to economize the means this is for you:

  • Toll free 800 numbers – People call you freely, but you pay for their calls.
  • Multichannel VoIP numbers provide many lines for one number to enlarge the quantity of clients.

Learn more details about rates and costs of virtual numbers clicking here.

Purchasing process for Ukrainian mobile number from Freezvon

Follow the steps of ordering process of DID number for Ukraine:

  1. Register to our site;
  2. Top up the balance;
  3. Choose “Ukraine” in the list;
  4. Choose the desired type of number.
  5. Order it!

To be inquiring is always great! Don’t be frightened of your curiosity and write to our technical support. They like such people like you and waiting for your questions.

How to buy mobile virtual number in Ukraine Buy Ukrainian mobile virtual number

Special territory codes and fees for Ukraine numbers

Pick the most suitable area for using mobile number for this country and don't forget about paying:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
MTC m-xx 8 23 + + -
Kyivstar k-xx 8 23 + + -
Life l-xx 8 23 + + -