Voice menu IVR for virtual numbers

Lots of modern people and business use a wide range of communication means in order to stay in touch for cheap in any point of the world. Youth prefer communication over the Internet using social networks, different applications like Skype and Viber. At the same time old people used to speak over the telephone. Freezvon Company offers a combination of the technologies, which is called virtual telephony.

VoIP-based service opens new spaces for communication via the Internet with use of simple phones. Now you can get a local number in any point of the world to make a local appearance and forward calls to any your home or office telephone, Skype or SIP. Besides, a range of extra services are available for your convenience and voice menu is one of them

Voice menu sphere of implementation

Voice menu ( IVR ) is an interactive telephone system of IP telephony , which allows you sequentially produce all recorded voice messages that clients hear after dialing a number. The sphere of usage of IVR-menu:

  • development of informational ports IVR;
  • coordination of calls avalanche (call-center, banks, mobile phone operator, referral service and etc);
  • interactive projects of companies (competitions);
  • development of corporation telephony.

The opportunities of voice menu are following: possibility to connect with any department of a company directly, auto-secretary, recording of voice messages (voice mail), conference communication, presentation of a company ( greeting message ).

The benefits of using voice menu for business

Mostly the tool is used in combination with music on hold service and greeting messages. The greeting message is a record you can hear just after the phone is picked up. Usually it is a company short presentation or some latest news from the company. The music on hold tool is used when the caller is put on hold and a melody helps to keep the person on the line. Voice menu or IVR-menu is an opportunity for the caller to get a certain department or an operator or information chapter by pushing appropriate buttons. So, the tool helps in:

  • improvement of  customer assistance level;
  • increasing of customer base;
  • saving of working time;
  • easy routing.

The implement is really helpful, thus it saves money for you. Freezvon Company provides the voice menu installation service for its virtual numbers . Moreover, we provide most of possible solutions for virtual telephony and extra services.

How can you order the voice menu?

In fact, everyone can afford the service and order it from home or an office over the internet. But as it is an additional service to virtual numbers just order the number first:

  1. Register on Freezvon.com.
  2. Fill up your account with a necessary amount.
  3. Order a number.
  4. Make a written request for ordering an additional service.

Freezvon Company support team processes the requests and connects numbers and optional services within 24 hours or less. Moreover, we work 24/7, so you can always appeal to our specialists and ask any questions.