Use recording of calls for detailed information

Recording of calls is one of the additional phone service of Virtual Office which is aimed to improve the quality of clients servicing and to raise professional development of company’s employees. Freezvon gives an ability to connect this feature.

The advantages of call recording service:

-          Accidental or continuos recording of calls

-          Possibility of turning on the recording of calls directly in the moment of call

-          Keeping and online interception of calls

-          Possibility of sending MP3 files by email

Besides, all calls can be divided into the groups, particular directions (incoming / outgoing / internal calls) or durations etc.

The option of recording of calls is necessary if you want:

-          To improve the  clients servicing and the work on the base of the analyses of recorded calls

-          To raise professional development of staff and the most successful ways of making phone calls can be used in further training

-          To have ability to determine a dispute with clients as in the case of appearance of some disputable questions, You can always listen to the necessary recording of call

-          To raise the sells due to the improving of interaction with clients on the base of calls analyses.

How can you order this service?

You need to:

-          make a registration here,

-          top up your balance (taking into account the cost of additional service),

-          order a number from your profile,

-          send us a request for ordering additional service,

-          wait an answer from us to your email.