Make purchase of virtual mobile number for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan mobile number will surprise by its flexibility, cheapness and positive preferences.

Uzbekistan virtual numbers for calls

IP-telephony facilitates many points of your life as for instance communication. You can install several VoIP services and save many contacts with Uzbeks. You’re businessman or an ordinary tourist, it makes no difference. Any kind of VoIP virtual number will be helpful for maintaining the relationships with Uzbekistan. Let’s see its usefulness.

If you’re going to begin serious business, make your telephony system equipped and well-controlled. This is also called virtual office comprising several services united in a package (own IP-address, IVR menu, many SIP-accounts, cheap calls inside the company, numbers for sale and others.

One of the most ancient parts of Central Asia Uzbekistan has a reputation of the richest owner of natural recourses. It’s the oldest cities as Bukhara, Samarkand are equal in age with Rome. An interesting fact that in Uzbekistan a unique in Central Asia metropolitan was built in 1977. Tashkent is the most favorable city to visit and to admire, because there you can try national sorts of green and black tee. But how will you do that without advance agreement?

Uzbekistan VoIP virtual mobile number, its operating principles

That is a number having code +998 redirects calls, fax and SMS to several directions or devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones). It’s attached only to subscriber, but not to location, so you can use it everywhere you go. Uzbek DID phone number works without heavy technique, sim-cards, which only slow the functioning down. Saving-money way is called SIP-application, which permits to get SIP-account and setup a forwarding to it (this course of redirecting is free).

Order virtual number in Uzbekistan

Categories of Uzbek DID number

Freezvon affords several variants of virtual numbers for such telephonic services as:

  1. SMS (Uzbek number that readdresses text messages to e-mail and another number);
  2. Calls (forwarding to Skype, SIP, telephone number, IP-telephone etc.);
  3. Messages and calls (managing two telephone services);
  4. Fax (DID number redirecting fax messages to e-mail);
  5. Calls and fax (unique number setting on controlling two telephone services).

For global aims, you could choose the next types of Uzbek virtual DID telephone numbers:

  1. Toll free 800, which are multichannel providing free calls for subscribers. You as a user should pay for them;
  2. Multichannel numbers are created with multiple phone lines just to simplify your work with getting calls.

Here you may see the costs and make a decision.

Uzbek virtual VoIP mobile number and its special peculiarities

Try to define why this service could be really helpful in every chosen sphere.

The pluses for usage of virtual telephone number for Uzbekistan are:

  • Online booking for number;
  • No attachment to physical place;
  • Getting more than one additional service such as click to call , voicemail , conditional call forwarding , call recording and many others;
  • No supplementary technical equipment as sim-cards;
  • Ability to talk to anybody from every point of the world;
  • Business development priorities.

We can prove all these points thanks to cooperation with you.

How to buy Uzbek DID virtual mobile number?

It’s simple, just try it:

  1. Register your profile on our site;
  2. Recharge a balance;
  3. Push on “Uzbekistan”;
  4. Then wished type of telephone number goes;
  5. Get it now!

The proverb says: “Live and learn” and really it’s unstoppable process of life. Just give your questions to our support staff working all day and night for you.

Uzbekistan mobile number area codes for usage

With this information you will be more confident and decisive what number to choose for communication. Examine the following codes below:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Beeline 90 10 25 - - -
Coscom xx 10 25 - - -


How to buy a virtual number in Uzbekistan Buy virtual Uzbekistan mobile number