Uzbekistan virtual phone numbers for calls

Freezvon is offering Uzbekistan virtual telephone numbers for cheapest VoIP calls.

Uzbekistan virtual numbers for calls

That’s a successful developing country, having been able to build a solid economic position and to present valuable achievements in the recent decades; it is also famous for its developed and unique culture during the last centuries. The country is holding close business relations and sustainable tights with the CIS region, as well as with the Middle East countries. Republic of Uzbekistan borders on five other countries, making the use of Uzbekistan virtual phone numbers , as essential tool for any local business person doing affairs with serious people.

IP-technologies suggest lots of interesting solutions for office usage. Freezvon gives an opportunity to install virtual PBX system that comprises different VoIP services known as VoIP numbers for inside communication, own IP address, calls monitoring, SIP accounts and others.

What is Uzbekistan virtual number and its work?

It’s a number of virtual type. It’s responsible for redirecting of calls to such courses as SIP, Skype, alternate number. The greatest priority of this number is in absence of SIM-cards and other technical appliances. If it’s necessary to travel going abroad or something like that, it’s possible with toll free number because it doesn’t have special location.

Get uzbekistan virtual numbers

What preferable sides of Uzbekistan numbers?

Before buying a service from, it’s necessary to look at several pros of it:

  • It’s possible to get online any service;
  • Free calling is accessible to subscribers;
  • A capacity to get any VoIP service for virtual number as blacklist, background music, control of calls, greeting message and others;
  • NO SIM-cards or additional equipment;
  • Local cheapest rates.

Categories of other numbers of virtual type

Not only one type virtual number we get, but some others, which are for:

  1. SMS (diverting to email, website, other number);
  2. Calls (same directions as toll free has);
  3. Calls and SMS/Fax and Calls;
  4. Fax (to email only);
  5. Multichannel (with multiple lines and same redirections);
  6. Toll free numbers (free calling for subscribers, but the owner of it must care about paying for received calls from them).

Order Uzbekistan number from Freezvon

We propose the easiest procedure of booking and purchasing for number. Try to do the following steps:

  1. Get registered to official site;
  2. Recharge the balance;
  3. Pick needed parameters;
  4. Ordering is done.

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How to buy a virtual number in Uzbekistan Buy virtual number for Uzbekistan

Area codes and fees for Uzbekistan numbers

See the following rates for virtual number you’re going to use now:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Toll Free 800 50 80 - - -