viber in Belarus

Viber is chargeable in Belarus?

Why some virtual telephone services need to pay to Belarus government

The Ministration of communication in Belarus intends to force Skype and Viber to pay them some part of their profit. The minister of communication Sergey Popkov told press that he wanted to offer Belarusian government to force free VoIP services (like Viber and Skype) to share with their profit with government. Technology of VoIP is used not only in telephony, but also while voice transmitting in systems of IP – warning systems, in webinar transmission, during online films watching or in online video games. That’s why there appeared such discussion according to this topic.

According to Popkov words, in Belarus besides social resources from Beltelecomm and mobile operators there are such technologies as Skype and Viber that don’t put any money in development of Belarusian technologies. And that’s why minister wants to offer government to monetize these services and force operators to share their profit.

Firstly, such news were accepted as a joke, said the editor of internet-magazine Feder Pavlyuchenko. According to his words, this is nonsense, as it seems that government wants to imagine nonsense idea how to bill budget of government. If it is realized, it will be break of net neutrality, according to which there is forbidden to give favorable tariffs to access to those or others internet resources, including free services.

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