Viber messenger learnt to work with Apple Watch

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Viber messenger is considered to be a mobile application which makes it possible to make calls and send text messages to other subscribers of that application absolutely for free. You can easily use it with Wi-Fi connection or usual mobile Internet. Viber messenger is popular with its high quality sound. There are no restrictions on the quantity of sent or received text messages or the duration of voice conversations. You have to pay only for Internet connection – that is all.

Viber started its history on the second of December in 2010. Its developers are Talmon Marco, Igor Magazinnik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha from Israel. The first version of this program was working only with iPhone and had restrictions to 50 000 users. In January 2014 Viber was bought by Japanese company Rakuten for 900 ml American dollars. With the beginning of 2014 year Viber counted 300 ml users.

How Viber works?

Till 2014 Viber messenger was being developed in Minsk, Brest and Cyprus. We do not know where it is being developed for today but many people suggest that their place is now in Japan. Anyway Minsk office of Viber on Foursquare is pointed as a closed establishment.

If you want to know whether it is possible to use Viber on your telephone – it is easy to get to know. If you have Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia or Bada (sadly known Samsung operational system), so you can positively be sure that Viber will be available to your device. Moreover, you can use a program on the computer for MAC or Windows. You can download all versions of this program on official site.

How to use Viber?

The work with this program is as simple as twice two makes four. The account is bound to your mobile telephone. While registration you mention your mobile number, receive sms with confirmation code on this number and after that your Viber account is activated. In the list of program contacts you will see the list of people from your contacts – those people who can use Viber as well – and others in the general list of contacts that you can call via Viber Out.

You may do not know what Viber Out is so here is explanation for you. It is a feature which allows calling from Viber to usual local and mobile telephone numbers in any country. This service is supposed to be very cheap (as they say) but practically tariffs are almost the same as in Skype. You can call to mobile or local numbers both from mobile application and computer program. You can pay for this service using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express or through PayPal system.  Egypt government does not like this program with Israel origins and forbids its usage for military people and members of their families.

Stickers in Viber can be use and they are defined as funny labels with which help you can show your emotions and impressions. You can use those both for Android and iOS.

Viber and Apple Watch compatibility

Popular messenger Viber, where more than 600 ml unique users are currently registered, finally acquired the support of “smart watch” from Apple. “It is important for us that our users could communicate in Viber in the most comfortable way any time a day and Apple Watch support is one more step towards this solution”, - mentions Ofir Eyal, chief executive director who works with Viber products development. “We always strive for improving the communication of our clients via application and Apple Watch support was extremely important for us to work in this very direction further”, - he adds.

With the help of Apple Watch Viber users will get an access to the whole list of interlocutors and will be able to look through received messages and quickly reply to them without taking smartphone out of the pocket. For purpose of time-saving they provide a list of possible phrases to send without personal typing. They are like “Will be soon”, “Can’t talk now”, “Sounds great” and many others. You can also create your own texts, save them and later send.

In the last updates of Viber for Android (v5.6) and iOS (v5.6.1) possibility to estimate users comments in group chats putting “likes”. Moreover, maximum number of characters in Viber was increased from 1 thousand to 7 thousand characters.

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