Get DID virtual telephone number for Vietnam

For maintaining relations with Vietnamese people you need to obtain virtual phone number for Vietnam.

Virtual numbers for calls for Vietnam

VoIP technologies evolves faster and faster all the time we work with them. More  countries propose virtual numbers for our clients, so today we want to present you Vietnam virtual number. From this article, you will get more useful information about its functionality, practical sides and costs of course. Don’t lose a chance to get more details about it. This article will tell you more concerning IP-telecommunication in this country. is a provider of VoIP technologies, which are widespread in over 90 foreign countries. From Africa to Antarctica, pick virtual number and be “present” in one of countries you needed. For cheap calls to these countries, we offer SIP account and get free calls to it or make cheap abroad calls.

Vietnam is very captivating country that will impress you by its peculiarities. If you want to learn their language, it could be very difficult because of numerous tones, so when you talk about one thing you could mean another one, even offensive. Local people prefer live where their ancestors are buried, but they need to leave they disinter the remains of relatives and take with them to new place. Each Vietnamese has 2-dollar note for being lucky, but as for us, we could give you more lucky way.

What are Vietnamese virtual numbers and practical directions?

This number with a code +84 is capable to divert calls, SMS and faxes to such destinations as:

  1. IP telephone , SIP, Skype, other number – Calling;
  2. Email, mobile number, url – SMS texts;
  3. Email – Fax messages.

NO usage of SIM cards or expensive appliances are required. If you need to be free from physical place, our number is special for you.

Virtual phone numbers in Vietnam

What are admirable goods for having Vietnamese virtual number?

Here you will find profitable facts about using phone numbers for Vietnam and any other state:

  • let you order number online;
  • NO SIM cards or other tools are in need;
  • TO number it’s possible to get additional telephone service as click to call , hold a music, greeting message , conference call and others;
  • There are NO physical attachments for your number;
  • Cheapness and low rates are guaranteed.

Vietnam virtual numbers and their variants

Look at types of virtual numbers we could propose. They will be suitable according to your preferences. They are for:

  1. SMS and Calls;
  2. Fax;
  3. Calls and Fax;
  4. SMS;
  5. Calls.

For more extensive usage, you could get the following facilities:

  1. Multichannel number (big amount of lines);
  2. Toll free 800 number (guarantee of free calls for subscribers-clients).

How to be a user of Vietnamese virtual numbers

Freezvon wants to brighten you up with the simplest method of being an owner of number for Vietnam:

  1. Sign up to, enter your data;
  2. Get access to your personal cabinet;
  3. Fill the balance with cash;
  4. “Vietnam” for your choice;
  5. Number type for you;
  6. Start the ordering!

Ask our professionals concerning several unclear items that disturb you. You could contact our experts on Skype, live chat or email.

Buy a virtual number in Vietnam Buy Vietnamese virtual number for Vietnam

Offered area codes and rates for Vietnamese virtual numbers

If you want to get virtual number for Vietnam just try to define what area you really need for its utilization:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Hanoi 4 20 60 + - -
Ho Chi Minh City 8 20 60 + - -
Dong Nai 61 15 25 - - -