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virtual telephony for business

Doing cross-border trading and dealing with foreign partners and clients implies a big amount of calls and high expenses. Entering foreign markets requires local establishments and contacts for consumers trust increase.

Virtual business numbers from is a great solution for both big and small enterprises. It allows getting a number in any country and redirect calls to Skype, SIP or alternative phone. So, you may have the only call center for all regions. The service with a range of options from elementary greetings to virtual PBX will save your company’s money, simplify your organization of phone talks. Besides, the virtual telephony for business does not require special expensive equipment.

Pick great solution for telephonic communication as PBX station that is presented by package of VoIP facilities as numerous SIP-accounts, background, internal numbers for free talks, greeting message , monitoring call data and others. Concerning costs and conditions of utilization here.  

What are virtual VoIP (DID) numbers?

This technology makes calls be transferred through the Internet rather than via usual landline telephone network. Thus, you can be sure that with its help you will be able to make cheap calls in any part of the world. The largest advantage of calls made with VoIP is that you have a choice of buying a number to that very country you wish. Using such kind of contemporary technologies everyone will certainly notice that communication can be more than delightful and with high quality. IP telephony makes everything possible.

Types of virtual business VoIP numbers

For professional purposes, we provide different virtual DID numbers. According to the way of connection and device we offer various numbers. Some of them are integrated so you do not need to buy two instead of one virtual number. So, we propose the following types, which are for:

  1. SMS – a number that redirects messages to needed destination (e-mail- free; another phone number – cheap);
  2. Calls – a number for making and receiving calls;
  3. Fax – number for getting fax messages to e-mail in PDF;
  4. Calls and fax – a number for calls and fax at the same time;
  5. SMS and calls – a number for SMS and fax that permits operate these separate services;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers – multichannel numbers for free calling;
  7. Multichannel numbers – supplementary lines for one number.

Among those virtual business numbers, everyone can easily find the one, which will be most appropriate for business conduction or other purposes. For low rates, we offer the best connection quality.

Beneficial preferences of virtual business numbers

DID numbers provide clients with a plenty of possibilities, which we offer. You can see what you will get with the help of VoIP telephony from

  • Profit increase;
  • Attraction of new partner;
  • Simplicity of entering new markets;
  • Economy;
  • Image improvement;
  • Easy setting of a network;
  • Organization of phone communication without special equipment;
  • Perfect quality of connection;
  • Effective and profitable organization of work with customers;
  • Opportunity to receive several customers’ calls at the same time;
  • Calling to customers via SIP cheaply and globally.

If you want to experience all these benefits, you are free to use our service. In case you have some problems with ordering or something else – we are always ready to help and solve all your questions.

virtual telephone numbers for business

Virtual business telephone features 

Business needs not only virtual telephone numbers but also additional services, which will improve their talking and thus increase profit. Next you can observe numerous possibilities provided by our company to every client.

Virtual numbers . Numbers in any region and any type: for calls, SMS, fax, multichannel and Toll Free 800 numbers with forwarding to the most any suitable device. You can any type of forwarding. We offer also integrated virtual numbers for calls and sms, calls and fax.

Choose the most appropriate:

  • Voice mail that means left messages about missed calls;
  • Conditional call forwarding that could be set up according to time and date category;
  • Welcome message that could be heard by people who call you;
  • IVR menu is successive menu that helps customers to go to department of the company;
  • Call forwarding redirect your calls to free or cheap destination;
  • Click to call function is for faster calls from website;
  • Call back function is for calls in return;
  • White and black lists which can define favorable or not subscribers;
  • Call history is saved information about telephone affairs;
  • Hold music is for music that replaces boring telephone tones;
  • Send and bulk sms is for informing the people about any news;
  • Cheap VoIP calls which are better for saving some means and making calls with high quality.

How to get a virtual number for business?

The VoIP telephony for business and office can be switched online through our website. Simply make a few simple steps to obtain a necessary number anywhere around the globe:

  1. Register to freezvon system.
  2. Fill up your personal account.
  3. Get access to your profile.
  4. Order the number.

Besides, you can easily order necessary additional service with a written request to support specialist. Our support team is available 24/7 for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact us here