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Find appropriate provider of VoIP telephony known as Freezvon corporation 

Day to day we feel how new technologies are captivating us. Contemporary world exists due to advanced solutions, which help to provide easier and more pleasant life. Communication plays key role in all possible processes nowadays. VoIP telephony makes people from different parts of the world closer. is a virtual DID numbers provider of IP telephony services which is one of the leading telephonic companies in modern business world. We offer our clients to apply for a virtual VoIP phone number with all possible additional services in order to get more personal profit. Intercommunication with constant interruptions is inadmissible. We know that and do our best to get more delight from socializing with people over telephones.

Better conditions for business are possible. IP telephony is the answer to everything. Currently we cannot imagine our life without being connected over mobile telephones. Those devices are useful not only in usual everyday life but are also huge helping hands for business conduction in any point of the Earth. Be always available and receive all calls no matter what territory you occupy. With number this comes true and real. as a provider of virtual telephony do magic – do not miss an opportunity to experience and love it.

What types of virtual numbers we provide?

To feel all possibilities of IP telephony it is essential to take in what it really means. Thus, VoIP telephony is a service which kelps to process all calls and make it easily and with pleasure. Main option on which base service works is redirecting. The mechanism of its functioning is as simple as twice two makes four. Main requirement for using it – is presence of virtual number . There are several types of numbers from, which can be for:

  1. Calls – your calls will be routed to important destination for you;
  2. SMS – text messages will be received to email or another phone device;
  3. Calls and SMS – permission to perform an operation with calls and fax using one number;
  4. Fax – receiving fax in PDF format to e-mail;
  5. Fax and calls – using a number for fax and calls to appropriate destination;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers – favorable free calls for customers, but not for the owners;
  7. Multichannel numbers – multiple choice of lines for the number.

You are able to order any of these numbers till this moment. Choose that number you need and feel free to communicate and enjoy this process.

How does virtual DID numbers work?

Various kinds of numbers work on different principles. DID numbers for calling works thanks to the redirection to SIP, Skype or another telephone gadget. Numbers for text messages can direct them to e-mail or another phone numbers by your choice. If you got SIP call service, it might be sent to personal SIP account.

How much should you pay for this service? is a virtual DID numbers provider of services which offers the most appropriate prices for its customers. If you are looking for money-saving way of communication and do not have much time – you can easily apply for our services. Buying virtual number for calls – you can redirect them FOR FREE to Skype or SIP. For low rates incoming calls will be readdressed to another phone number (local or mobile). Forwarding of sms messages to email or URL is not paid for, to mobile number – again for low prices. You can send messages from your cabinet and make bulk sms sending. Redirection of faxes is made only to email and is FREE of charge. Details about possible payment methods you can observe here .

Additional services

Sometimes just having a number is not enough. That is why offers numerous additional possibilities for communication improvement and clients’ base increase. Those services are mentioned below:

  • Cheap VoIP calls – capability to make cheap calls using appropriate phone services;
  • Voicemail – left messages about lost calls;
  • Conditional Call forwarding – redirection depended on the date or time;
  • Click to call – button of instant calls from websites;
  • Call back – request about calling in return;
  • Call recording – function of recording info about call affairs;
  • Conference call – more than two people could participate in conversation;
  • Send and bulk sms – the way of informing people about company’s news.

If you find some interesting options for your purposes – create a request from your personal cabinet with information about additional service, which you want to set. We react quickly and satisfy wishes of our customers.

How to buy virtual DID number?

Process of virtual number purchase is easy and even little kid can manage it. You need only follow next manual. Procedure includes merely several steps:

  1. Register.
  2. Get access to personal cabinet.
  3. Top up balance.
  4. Order number.

There might be situations when you face some problems or misunderstandings while registration or with other steps of purchase process. In such case our support team will propose you help. Staff is online round the clock and openly takes clients questions.

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