VoIP Fax number: sharing info all the time

Receiving fax is simplified now with the help of virtual phone number for fax messages.

Number for faxNowadays, more than half of companies have faxes in their offices. It is a common thing because fax machine makes the process of documents, bills, contacts and contracts exchange among customers and partners, providers and users much easier. That is why each office worker knows what a fax is and knows how to use it. Nevertheless, the technologies are developing very quickly, so it comes clear that using a ordinary fax is not enough and is not always efficient in the modern world. It’s necessary to have time to send a file per fax and money to cover additional costs on the fax service.

Virtual IP PBX is definitive collection of VoIP services that could change telephonic affairs in your office. It includes such services as calls statistics, IP address, voicemenu, recording of calls, plentiful SIP accounts, internal numbers for free communication within the corporation, other additional services.

Moreover, there are some situations when you need to get faxes from your partner quickly, but there is no fax appliance by you or a line is busy. How can you cope with it? The answer is obvious. With the help of this fax number every customer will get an opportunity not only to make calls, but also to obtain faxes anytime.

What is virtual DID number and its working principle?

It provides receiving of fax to e-mail immediately by means of any device connected to the Web, for instance, it can be a PC or a personal digital assistant. All the faxes sent to such kind of virtual numbers will be converted into a PDF-format and forwarded to your e-mail.

Virtual number for fax

Thanks to such technologies all the received faxes are kept in a user's e-mail and, in case of need, they can be derived from there and used at any time. According to customer preferences, we will provide each customer with the most effective and optimal instrumentals to work with virtual fax-correspondence.

What preferences of fax virtual number?

The advantages of this DID number are represented by such facts:

  • There is no need to buy a fax-machine and to spend money on fax consumables, such as paper, cartridge or toner;
  • The only thing for obtaining faxes is access to the Internet. Faxes are received automatically 24 hours a day, independently from working time or holidays;
  • All the messages will be kept on e-mail, so they will be secure and none of them will be missed. If it is required, a necessary fax document can be printed as many times as needed;
  • You can receive a fax-message from any device everywhere.

Operation of ordering virtual number for fax

Buy it and stop worrying about an amount of faxes and quit spending your valuable work time on them. Try to follow the next instructions:

  1. Get registered to freezvon.com site and create an account;
  2. Fill balance with needed cash;
  3. Pick country and “number for fax”;
  4. Ordering has begun.

With this number, phone lines of your company will never be busy and fax reception will stop being a routine and boring process.

How to buy a virtual fax number Buy virtual fax number

Concerning unclear moments about VoIP services it’s possible to address to technical experts who are responsible for saving information about virtual services. Contact them online via Skype, livechat or email.