Virtual fax forwarding service - just receive fax messages

Having virtual telephone number for fax avoid using heavy equipment just redirect.

Virtual number for faxThis service will provide persistent fax reception 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone line will be free all the time and no need to use fax appliance. Setup fax forwarding and all messages will be sent to email. It is represented by a virtual number that provides redirection to email address. The company's customers won’t call and ask to accept your fax. Freezvon presents products of high quality, which could save your time and money. Create new possibilities with VoIP-telephony features thanks to Freezvon company! 

Incredible offer called IP PBX that costs 86 dollars first month, then it will cost 46 dollars for connection. It consists of several VoIP services known as internal numbers for inside communication, IP address, numerous SIP-accounts, statistic of calls, voicemenu IVR and other supplementary services.

What is fax forwarding process?

This is a procedure possible only with virtual number for fax. This number helps to redirect fax messages to email only for free. The system will satisfy all subscriber's requirements. Besides, if you use this facility, you do not have to use heavy machine anymore. All faximile message texts sent to number will be redirected to email in PDF format. It is often called fax to email feature. All what is necessary for fax is any PC or personal digital assistant with access to Internet. Prices for virtual fax numbers you can check by clicking here.

Irreplaceable goods of virtual fax service

Check out what catchy preferences of virtual redirection exist:

  • Multichannel telephone fax number, which is always free and it belongs to its owner even if he moves to another town or changes his office's location;
  • All the received faxes are kept in electronic form that makes system of documental database easier to use;
  • It reduces costs on communication and excludes costs on paper and fax toner. There is no need to buy, keep and repair any equipment anymore;
  • Company's phone lines will be free all the time. The workers get a brilliant opportunity to get and to read messages anywhere where there is access to web, without spending their time for waiting in the queue in front of machine;
  • Use of such service enables to use your worker's work time efficiently, while the number is always available. It will be received immediately anytime without using a phone line and fax machine.

Get a virtual number for fax

Buy virtual number for fax forwarding

In order to get VoIP virtual number you need to make such actions with Pay attention to several recommendations:

  1. Get registered to official website;
  2. Filling balance with needed cash;
  3. Picking essential characteristics;
  4. Ordering has begun.

If you are interested in this service, we will help you to order it and technical support service will provide all the necessary settings. Virtual fax number will give a wonderful opportunity to enhance functioning of your database system and make the process of reception pleasant and easy.

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