Virtual Fax Numbers for getting fax messages

Using virtual telephone numbers for fax messages will help to simplify facsimile messages sending.

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Running business means contacting a lot of people, making calls, sending letters and emails, frequently arranged meetings and unforeseen trips. But we do not have to forget about old-fashioned means of communication – fax. Reputable companies use it often for sending and receiving offers, letters or even signing agreements. This type of information exchange will never disappear as it is still useful for many people. Virtual fax numbers make telephony life easier if you are always travelling and face a necessity to be in contact all time.

Usage of fax supposes buying of fax machine and equipment, connecting additional phone lines. But this is not a problem for a virtual fax. A virtual fax works without any special equipment, and thus does not demand any extra charges for its usage. It solves a problem of busy phone lines and wasting working time on accepting faxes instead of doing more important tasks. It means that a number for fax is exactly what you require mostly. connects fax numbers instantly.

What is virtual number for fax?

It’s defined as a number with the help of what all fax messages will be forwarded nevertheless where you are. Redirection should be done to email only. 

Virtual phone number for fax

How virtual fax number works?

This number functions thanks to fax forwarding to email. The message comes as PDF format file. With such service, person can change the living country; open offices of his or her company in another country or even continent, but create an appearance in the necessary location. It is allowed to get a local number in any country of your choice. Try to order such number and notice its prerogatives.

Benefits of telephone numbers for fax

Possessing unlimited great possibilities, virtual number impresses its users. Quantity of faxes to be received is unlimited. You don’t have to face the problem of engaged phone lines because your client sends you a fax. Your employees can answer the phone not paying attention if fax is coming or not. So, getting faxes doesn’t affect working schedule.

Let's mention some of fax number advantages:

  • working independently from physical location;
  • no necessity of a fax machine and consumables;
  • unloading lines;
  • free fax forwarding to email;
  • saving faxes in PDF format on email;
  • simultaneous accepting of many faxes;
  • a great choice of available countries for connection of fax numbers;
  • low costs for fax numbers.

Considering all those advantages you can see that fax number for receiving solves plenty of problems. Do not lose your chance to feel it and live it. If you have any questions you may call our support team, write them an email or message to Skype or just use online chat.

How much does virtual number for fax cost?

All types do not make you sit on one place. Simply travel, change your living place or move to another continent without losing contact with people you need. With virtual fax number you will have an opportunity to accept all messages on your email box for FREE.

This option is free of charge and available to all clients. helps you to feel beauty of communication via fax even not having it. Our service is a helping hand for everyone who prefers receiving messages with important information on email. See the prices and costs for these numbers here


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 How to buy virtual number for fax?

Procedure of virtual number purchase is as simple as twice two makes four. If you have an account on our site and money on balance, so you just can order a number and receive messages. In case you are still not acquainted with our service, follow steps mentioned below:

  1. Register on;
  2. Top up balance;
  3. Order number.

While ordering, choose the country, type of number, write destination details and push the button “order”. Having performed these steps you will be able to receive messages from fax to your email address without any problems. If you encounter any problems, you should not be afraid to ask questions – our support team will solve all problems and offer you most appropriate decisions.

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