E-shops need virtual IP PBX for better work

Success of any commercial is mostly dependent on effective client’s communication. For electronic commercial this fact is twice fair. On every 100 incoming calls 5-20 of them are performed in non-working time. Such information has become a surprise for many people. According to recent calculations, companies without virtual IP PBX for e-shops lose up to 4% of incoming calls in usual time and up to 17% in peak load of calls because of busy telephone lines. Moreover, 2-3% of incoming calls are lost during coffee, meal or smoke breaks. And most of those people will never call again.

Apparently, for e-commerce it is very important to avoid losing potential clients because of unanswered incoming calls. For this e-shops need modern, effective and possibly flexible tools for communication with clients. Freezvon.com telephony provides such tools. You can pick any additional useful service as click to call , welcome message, hold a music and others for progressive work of your e-shop. 

Attract and hold

The first task, which is simply solved by virtual IP PBX for e-shops is possibility to always get on the phone. In comparison with mini PBX, connection from Freezvon.com provides full functional channeling – opportunity to perform ten or more conversations via single number simultaneously. Clients will not need to listen to "Subscriber busy" signal even while peak loads – in moments when there are more incoming calls than available staff; caller can listen to useful information instead of boring tones and will have a chance to leave messages. The same possibilities are saved for non-working time or weekends. It allows saving clients not missing any incoming calls.

Thus virtual IP PBX for e-shops enhances the level of clients serving and do not allow an operator forgetting about missed calls. Apparently, it depends on e-shop sales more than just positively.

Installation of this system provides several positive sides in its usage, let’s see what profitable functions it can reveal:

  • Various lines for avoiding of busy numbers (multichannel numbers);
  • Wide choice of additional telephone services;
  • Easy call forwarding system;
  • Availability to answer over a long distance;
  • Coordinated call succession.

The corporate employees can answer calls anywhere they are. All these thanks to multichannel virtual numbers providing the possibility to have many lines and not to overcharge the number.

Operational efficiency of workers is up to the mark

Employees spend more than 30% of working time on the things that can be automated. Virtual IP PBX for e-shops takes on itself calls forwarding and possible calls from site with the option of click to call which is available on our site as well. Connection from Freezvon.com also helps to minimize subjective factor. It is not enough to implement effective working rules – there is also a necessity to make sure they are being well performed. One and the mail factor of working in e-shops is ability not to lose clients because of incompetence, disorganization, and rudeness or worker laziness. Avoid these factors while choosing candidates for position of operator in e-shop.

Freezvon.com offers companies’ owners means for solving this problem with minimum of expenses of time. The system can save the records of conversations and the history of all incoming calls and also create new statistics. With the help of personal cabinet on Freezvon.com company owner can anytime get to know who and when has been called by employees, which clients calls office, how many calls were received and how many of them missed, what the duration of talks was and many other interesting information.

How to get Virtual IP PBX from Freezvon.com?

Virtual PBX will be unreplaceable for your business. If you’re serious user of IP-telephony services, you will be surprised by simplicity of our ordering process:

  1. Sign on to our website, reach your personal cabinet;
  2. Recharge your balance;
  3. Order the number with Virtual PBX.

*DON’T leave unclear questions without the answers. Our technical support working 24-hours per day will efface your lack of knowledge instantly.

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