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Stop using heavy machines for fax messages, but use Freezvon number for particular operations

Receive fax on your emailRecently the technologies almost in every public sphere have been developing so quickly. The telecommunication sphere is not an exception. If earlier the appearance of mobile phones was a brand new trend, nowadays this type of service has been improved. Now make cheap calls and receive SMS messages. One of the recent new services is the service, which involves facilities that not only get calls, but also faxes.

Over 90 foreign countries are in a list of Freezvon.com. We offer useful services except  virtual numbers  (toll free, multichannel numbers), but there are such as SIP application, IP PBX station and some supplementary services as recording of calls, blacklist, call back and others.

It’s called a virtual fax number. Peculiarity of this service is represented by the facsimile message, which is transformed into the PDF and forwarded to a particular email.

Facsimile messages forwarding destination

It is obvious that the process of fax sending by email is quite simple. Our company’s customer sends his messages to a fax number, which can be bought in our company. Then our server handles this fax message, transforms it into a file, which is sent to email. Everything that you need when the operation is finished is just to open your email and get a fax.

Virtual numbers for fax

It will take a while to buy a virtual fax number in our company. In your office, attach the order request for this service and pay for it any way you want. After payment confirmation it will be connected in several minutes. When it’s activated, get an illimited amount of faxes anytime you need.

Access everywhere thanks to Internet

Do you want to lessen your costs on paper and toner? Be able to send faxes from one email to another one without any complications. It’s possible to change email for receiving faxes without any difficulties.

To become an active user of fax number doesn’t require much forces. Find out our prices for available fax numbers you may here. Don’t forget that all incoming fax to your email are free. If you think that it is very hard to connect a number, so, that’s not correct. Number is very simple in getting:

  1. Register and get access to personal profile;
  2. Recharge personal balance;
  3. Order a number via personal profile.

Fax numbers to email will be connected very soon and you will get email about activation of number. Concerning unclear moments of VoIP technologies usage contact Freezvon technical experts through Skype, email or live chat online.

Buy virtual number for fax