Use virtual multichannel number for business and office

Using virtual telephone number with lots of lines will improve new professional side of work.

Buy number for multi callsIn the modern world, the process of information exchange in the entrepreneurial sphere is dynamic. New contracts are made every hour and new collaborative agreements are signed each minute. That is why it is so important to keep track of events and not to miss any important piece of news.

Get great solution for your office called IP PBX system, a collection of effective VoIP services that could be helpful for maitaining communication with partners and colleagues. There are some of them: IP address, unlimited SIP accounts, interior numbers, menu with voice, call monitoring and others.

It does not require assignment of additional equipment and new lines. By means of VoIP number, create your company's branch in every country, so meanwhile your nearby partners think you supervise from your country. In such a way, your corporation will be presented on every market. Moreover, inbound call forwarding can be set up to several directions. Calls can be diverted to a local or a cell phone, computer, IP-telephone, SIP-device. Set up call forwarding in your personal account, and it can be changed anytime you want.

None of inbound calls will be missed

Use it anywhere and anytime, no matter which country call comes from or goes to. Do not have to worry about the availability of mobile network systems, which is controlled by an operator, due to this type of a virtual number , now there is no need to check money balance every minute. It will be accessible everywhere, so be sure you'll get every call.

Receipt of many incoming calls simultaneously

It is known that the total quantity of simultaneous incoming calls can reach ten or even more in big companies and corporations. Is it logical to get dozens of unnecessary lines and buy additional telephonic devices? It is certainly better to use a multilined direct local number, which can receive many calls at the same time.

The majority of virtual numbers already has several connected channels. Moreover, if necessary connect as many channels as you want. It will give you a brilliant opportunity to connect all the company's telephone lines into one and such kind of common line will be able to get numerous calls simultaneously what is more comfortable.

Get multichannel virtual phone numbers

Your line will never be busy

Set up call routing to make it work. For example, it can be set up according to a certain time period, priorities; also it can be based on some lists, such as a black or a white list. For instance, all calls will be diverted to office workers during work hours, while during holidays they will be forwarded to mobile of a company's worker or a manager, or this call can be diverted to a company's voice mail. In such a way none of important calls will be missed because of an out-of-charge telephone or a busy line.

Beneficial odds of a number with multiple lines

Furthermore, connection of a VoIP multichannel number gives you an opportunity to use all the advantages of IP-telephony. For example, if you want to process calls in the most efficient way, it is necessary to get a service called previously recorded voice messages, in other words IVR , set call recording and call queue system, organize call statistics and implementation. In general we can assure you that adjustment of a virtual multichannel is like own office adjustment procedure. The only difference is that this phone number belongs to your company, but works in a foreign country. There is no need to buy supplementary appliances and its service. Costs will be reduced with it.

How to buy a multichannel phone number?

Here it’s possible to learn information about receiving virtual number. The easiest steps ever for ordering number with many lines:

  1. Register to;
  2. Top up a balance with needed cash;
  3. Select needed criteria;
  4. Ordering a number now!

Buy a virtual multichannel number

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