Get a Virtual Number for trading on Ebay!

Did you ever try to post an announcement on Ebay or other free advertising boards on the Internet? If yes, which means of communication do you usually indicate as a main contact for your potential buyers?

If mentioning an email address only, the potential client’s request might be belated or get into the spam section. The interested person tend to most probably loose interest in your offer if no quick answer is received to his inquiry. Therefore, offering a telephone number is the best option for the person to freely get in touch and discuss all the questions to cast away the doubts.

If stating your telephone number, you must be ready to receive the bunch of calls regarding your announcement with probably little end result, meaning the product being actually sold in the end.
Your daily life converts into the type of inquiry bureau rendering replies to the most varied questions in terms of the items on sale. Well, there is nothing you can do about it, of you really need it to be sold.

However, we must admit that pointing out your personal mobile number can be rather inconvenient, as it deprives from one’s privacy. Not all those who would dial your number with a random question, will rarely convert into your frequent contact and loyal client. On the other hand, why should random calls interfere with your main activity matters or your communication with your family?

For this reason there is an option of connecting a virtual phone number for ebay, amazon, or any other dashboards online. You indicate the number you assign to specific announcement or to your profile online. As it is now associated with your “trading” activity, all the incoming calls will be accepted to this number. It is important to mention, that due to the forwarding service, all the calls will actually come to your main mobile device, which makes it very convenient. Thus, the customers will only know your virtual number’s digits and not those of your primary mobile. This will simplify your communication significantly, helping to manage and to divide business calls from private, and to process them accordingly. 

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