Purchase a virtual number and PBX: improve recruitment business

 IP PBX system with VoIP number could ameliorate communication with subscribers

Recruitment agencies play a significant role in modern economy, in business development and each persons’ life. The main peculiarity of its activity is frequent talks, interviews, trainings, conference calls, negotiations etc. That is why reliable, low-cost and high quality communication is required.

Solution is very close, fast and affordable – purchase a virtual number and use VoIP-telephony benefits. Technology permits to use all the achievements of modern telephony with its integration with the Internet. Now such functions as call redirecting, IVR , PBX, blacklist/whitelist , call recording and others can be used for cheap and without special equipment.

 Why virtual telephony is so useful for employment agencies?

Freezvon Company offers a full range of solutions for recruiters, so everyone can purchase a virtual number and find an appropriate set of options. Let’s consider the main benefits, why VoIP is so important for this kind of business:

  1. The agencies with various offices in different locations can accept calls to the only number and allocate them to necessary operators or departments.
  2. Conference calls save a lot money and time on business trips, premises rental and catering. It gives an opportunity to hold meetings any time and every day without additional spending.
  3. Conditional all forwarding allows to redirect incoming calls of the certain person to the agent’s cell phone or home phone, when he/she is not available in the office, but the call is important. Also there is a possibility to resend the calls to the certain employee to minimize time of the conversation.
  4. Don’t worry about missing calls. Voicemail function can record messages and send them to your email address, so you can listen to it later.
  5. Record your conversations in order to analyze them later and increase the negotiations efficiency.
  6. Accept faxes to e-mail, thus you unload the line, because the message is saved to your e-mail, you don’t need special equipment and consumables. The message in PDF can be looked through any comfortable time.

Be sure, that list of benefits from VoIP telephony is almost endless, and our specialists can find personal solutions for your recruitment business no matter how big or small it is.

How to purchase a DID virtual number for staff agencies

You will be surprised, but all you need to purchase a virtual number is the web access. No special equipment or conditions are required. Freezvon Company can provide you with a ready virtual number in 24 hours after simple steps:

  1. Register on Freezvon.com.
  2. Receive access to profile.
  3. Fill up your account with a necessary amount of money.
  4. Select a necessary type of a number, country and city.
  5. Set up forwarding destination.

Our support team works for you 24/7, so you can always appeal to them and ask all the questions you have. Besides, Freezvon Company specialists can select and offer appropriate solutions for you and your business with or without special additional options.

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