Virtual numbers for calls within Scandinavian countries

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Virtual numbers for calls within Scandinavian countries

Scandinavian economies rank the highest on the ease of doing business by the World Bank annual report, where Denmark is ranking 4, Norway - 6, Finland - 9, Sweden -11 and Iceland ranking 12th place. Though Scandinavian Peninsula has one of the smallest populations in the Nordic region, its countries are listed in the top 15 as far as per capital income by OECD. This article contains piece of useful information about IP-telecommunication with local population of Scandinavia, so get a chance to learn more about it. 

As most profitable service, it’s better to think about installation of PBX station. It’s kind of package with telephonic facilities. There are some of them as record of calls, voicemail , SIP-accounts, internal numbers, background music and others. Pricing and conditions for utilization is accessible here.

These states were connected with each other for centuries and even some of them were parts one of another. But anyway in spite of their similarity, they differ a lot. To further attractiveness as an export destination, the countries there have pretty low consumer goods manufacturing capacity. In case you are considering starting goods export to the above mentioned countries, start with establishing a local presence in the chosen country. This can be also done by setting up VoIP number for the region.

Virtual Phone Number for Scandinavia with 

That is not limited to a specific geography linked by special equipment. It is a free-to-download application to make calls to any destination of your choice. That works without SIM-cards and supplementary equipment. While being situated in any other country of your residence or travelling all around the globe, with the help of number you can still receive calls from either Norway or Iceland, thus creating an appearance of being positioned in the given country.

Moreover, you can buy several virtual multichannel local numbers for each destination and with the help of call forwarding service you will receive all incoming calls to your single mobile device or SIP. The forwarding to the latter is totally free.

Use Cases for Virtual Phone Numbers

Below are the possible ways of using your purchased virtual number for doing business with the Northern European countries:

  • Establishing a Scandinavian “branch office” — even without renting a physical office in the city center with its expensive maintenance costs and complicated law rules. It is not necessary to hire a local staff and take care of all the legal procedures associated with personnel. By simply purchasing a number and setting it so, that all of your calls are forwarded to your personal mobile.

From the callers’ perspective, they’re dialing a local business situated in their country. The toll free number looks and functions just like any other toll free number in the country.

  • Demonstrating your commitment to the local market

As you set up your export business, you will have to maintain connections with various clients and partners in Scandinavia, such as local distributors, vendors, authorities, and suppliers. By providing the local contacts, stating number for the country in question, you are demonstrating that you are committed to entering the Scandinavian market and treating your business start-up seriously. At the same time, you are removing potential barriers to communicating with these local partners.

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They won’t neglect calling because of the high international caller rates, but having a toll-free number listed on your website the potential buyers will be able to clarify all the questions they might have before making an order with your company. Moreover, compared to a common telephone connection, but with the VoIP calls via internet, the cost of calls will be significantly lower for the number’s owner.

Ordering of service via Freezvon system

In several clicks, it’s possible to get any of facility for states of Scandinavia. Follow these instructions:

  • Get registered to system;
  • Make balance filled with cash;
  • Select special parameters and order!

For details or paying questions, contact technical department via Skype, email, live chat or by phone.

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