virtual phone number for WhatsApp

Get virtual DID phone number for WhatsApp program

Using virtual phone number for WhatsApp will make communication more colorful and efficient

The usage of social networks and different kinds of applications for text (and even voice) communication is not a novelty nowadays, especially for youth. Short sms messages may economize person’s time and report the main opinion to the receiver. The wide range of existed social networks for any taste allows finding out the one you like the most. From this article, you derive useful details about using DID number with this app successfully. From this article you will learn what is a number for WhatsApp.

Most services offered by Freezvon provider replace classical telephony. Check one of them up: it’s virtual IP PBX system that involves collection of IP facilities such as plentiful SIP accounts, free internal calls,  IVR  menu,  call history , IP address and others. But now you have a chance to learn what is virtual number for WhatsApp as convenient service of telecommunication.

What is a meaning of WhatsApp virtual number?

They work due to forwarding of calls, fax and messages without physical presence of person in needed state and special equipment are called DID virtual numbers. It looks like a real one, as it has a code of country, city or mobile operator code – it creates a visual presence of person in wished country. Such thing may be suitable for satisfaction personal needs (communication with friends, relatives) or in business goals (receiving calls from clients, business partners etc.).

If we are talking of VoIP virtual local WhatsApp number, so, sms number is required. Virtual number for texts for WhatsApp usage works also with forwarding. All SMS that come may be redirected to email (for free) or to mobile (chargeable forwarding). For all information about workability of needed number with WhatsApp service, you may find out in our support department.

See the advantages explaining this service importance:

  • Possibilty to use it via Internet;
  • Ordering this service online;
  • Available other additional sevices as click to call , monitoring calls, greeting message , callback etc.;
  • Cheap costs for calls;
  • Services accessible for every possible country.

Other services of VoIP telephony

Accept sms numbers provides many others. Achievable types of numbers for:

  1. Calls;
  2. Sms;
  3. Calls and sms;
  4. Fax;
  5. Calls and fax;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers;
  7. Multichannel numbers.

Forwarding may be chosen the one you like: calls may redirected to phone, SIP, Skype, Asterisk (or other server), SIP phones (free inbound calls) or to cell or local (chargeable incoming calls). An exception is only Toll free number: all calls are chargeable. As it was told before sms may be redirected to email or phone. Fax is diverted to email.

Prices and Coverage of numbers

Many countries are presented on web-site. All list and their prices, please, find here. All virtual sms numbers accepts sms from real numbers. For supportive information about its workability of needed country you could find out applying to our support.

As to redirecting rates, SIP, Skype and email are free. All other rates you may find out on our web-site or in support (sms rates here, calls rates here).

How to obtain special WhatsApp VoIP number?

Getting our product is easy. You need to:

  1. Sign up to our web-site;
  2. Top up balance enough for ordering number and sms/calls receiving (if sms/calls are chargeable);
  3. Make an ordering of it.

Buy a virtual phone number for WhatsApp program

After this, a telephone number will be ready in a short time. You will receive a letter to email about number activation. If some questions appear, please, apply to our support for consultation over telephone, email, Skype, live chat.

Please notice! We don't guarantee receiving sms from payment systems, social networks and internet service as such sms can be blocked by providers (see Terms and Conditions However, the operators of the Russian and Ukrainian mobile operators allow receiving messages of such a type. Before ordering numbers, please consult our support team.