Virtual number for HORECA business

Modern telephone technologies gain momentum and seep throughout all sectors of human activity from households to entrepreneurship. We used to communicate via Skype, Viber and other applications with our friends and relatives. VoIP-technology is now available for corporations and it starts to be used more often.

IP-telephony allows to get a virtual number for HORECA too (abbreviation of words Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe). The sector includes small locative and huge multinational companies, and both can reach their benefits.

Why is a virtual number for HORECA so necessary?

It is a VoIP-based service, which allows to get a local number in any point of the globe and forward calls to any device of your choice (phone, Skype, SIP-application), and which is used by hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. 

Due to VoIP-technology the function is very useful for international and developing nets. It allows to get and show local numbers in certain region to create a local appearance, thus the company increase a trust of local clients. At the same time cross-border nets can save more on telephony with the only international call centre. 

Here we’ll try to describe main benefits of a virtual number for HORECA:

  • greeting message can make a short presentation of your establishment;
  • IVR menu helps clients to manage a voice menu and listen to necessary information (for example, hours of operation, special offers, events) or connect with an operator to for making a reservation;
  • call reporting will assist in measuring taken calls on different issues in order to make certain managerial and marketing actions;
  • no need to put a new telephone line – simply use your internet provider you already have for calls;
  • single call centre for a range of establishments;
  • freedom to move and save contacts;
  • accept calls wherever you go and stay in touch with your staff, vendors or providers (calls redirection is set up to another phone or Skype or SIP-device);
  • bulking SMS provides with a possibility to notify your visitors with some news, discounts or offers automatically.

Also we don’t have to forget, that VoIP allows to set up connection over the world wire web, that’s why long-distance calls can become much cheaper. 

Call from a web-site as a VoIP tool

Call from a web-site (click-to-call) is a convenient option which becomes more popular among different companies, which sell in the Internet. A “click-to-call” button helps to:

  • rise sales;
  • improve image;
  • save money.

The sales increase is gained by a free access of clients to a call centre operator. The visitor simply pushes the button and connects with a company representative.

The click-to-call button represents your business as innovative, modern and open for feed-back. In such way a virtual phone number increases trust of visitors and enhance the corporate image.

One of the most important points is free calls. The call becomes ingoing for both subscribers, so you pay only regular monthly fee.

How can you order a virtual number for HORECA?

The process is very simple and takes few minutes:

  1. Register on online.
  2. Fill up your account with a necessary amount.
  3. Order the necessary number.

Freezvon Company connects numbers in 24 hours after the order. We have a 24/7 support team, who can help in choosing necessary numbers and extras or solving emerged problems.