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Sharing text messages with people from Russia make you closer to them

Russian number for SMS exchangeSMS sending may be widely used in businesses, dealing with customer orders processing, any type of application or delivery services. Thus, sending out an SMS in order to inform the customer of the order status is a usual procedure for the mentioned type of business. Both online and home-based businesses, as well as the bigger companies and enterprises would need to establish a connection within their operating department and the end recipients. Considering that the order recipient may be based in another state or continent, sending out an instant informative message is a valuable feature to confirm the company’s liability and be admitted professional.

Freezvon is a trusted virtual telephony provider, which offers you to protect your privacy by using our virtual facilities for SMS. With this number, you will be able to avoid being followed by undesired users online, freely establishing connections with people worldwide, without disclosing your real person’s name and location. You can easily choose any of the provided telephone numbers from our countries list to use them for texting according to private or business needs.

What is Russia virtual SMS number and its work?

It may look like a mobile operator number of the target country. You may still stay anonymous and receive the confirmation code to virtual phone. SMS redirecting additional service is possible, meaning that all of texts will be delivered to your Inbox and can be forwarded to you by email. We also support bulk SMS and transactional SMS through our website.

Freezvon is offering virtual numbers for SMS receiving in Russia. While residing in any other point of the world, one may exchange text messages with the subscribers living in Russia without paying extra high charges for the international messaging. The virtual mobile number for SMS will have a look as a common number of other local mobile users. It will bare a mobile operator code and a corresponding amount of digits to follow. There are several main mobile operators in Russia, with the difference in city codes, according to the area. The numbers for the capital city, for instance, may accept messages only within the capital area. Whereas, as the number’s owner and SMS recipient, you can be located in any point of the world, and the Sender will be the resident of Russia. You will exchange test messages at much lower rates, as if you would use a common mobile telephonic connection.

Russia virtual SMS number

When sending SMS to Russia with, you can count with the following features:
•    Latin and Cyrillic Signs
•    Text Length up to 160 symbols
•    Real-time Delivery
•    Balance Monitoring
•    Valid Sender ID
•    Guaranteed Delivery
•    Recording for Analytics
•    Receive Replies
•    Number Validation
•    Set Date/Time for Expiry

If you are experiencing the inconvenience with any of the cases mentioned below, think of getting a virtual number for sms for your convenience and security. Consider purchasing a VoIP virtual number for sms:
- For personal profile verification at various websites
- In case of problems with your primary private mobile phone number
- In case you do not wish to disclose your real number
- To stop spending a lot on roaming while travelling

What VoIP numbers and facilities exist?

Not only numbers for SMS exist, but also the following useful features, which are for calls, fax, calls and fax, SMS and calls. Toll free 800 numbers are designated for subscriber calling without paying for that; IP PBX system (packet of VoIP services as SIP-accounts, internal numbers, IP-address, recording of calls etc.). Selecting any of these feature, people create new opportunities in communication society. 

Ordering of virtual number for SMS Russia from Freezvon

If you want to exchange SMS with the mobile users in Russia, you can do it by getting a Russian virtual SMS mobile number from

1. Sign up to official website;

2. Recharge the balance;

3. Pick needed parameters;

4. Get it! 

*According to unclear moments or doubtful questions it's possible to contact technical specialist team via Skype, live chat, email or by phone.    

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